Zoom is purchasing a startup to offer realtime translation on video calls

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Zoom today announced that it intends to buy Karlsruhe Information Technology, a German company specialising in real-time machine learning translation. The company, also known as Kites, has around a dozen researchers who are linked to the Karlsruhe Technology Institute.

Zoom did not discuss the contract’s financial parameters, but revealed that the startup will assist it in bringing machine translation functions. Zoom states that a research and development center can also be set up in Germany.

“We are constantly searching for innovative methods to bring user enjoyment and enhance productivity, and solutions are vital to improving our platform for Zoom clients throughout the world,” said Zoom President, Velchamy Sankarlingam.

The take over should assist the company to stay on track with competitors like Cisco, who recently added a translation feature in real-time to their Webex software. While Zoom has had a strong pandemic uptake, its rivals have tried to duplicate its feature and overcome it as a strategy of growing at their expense.

Source: GlobalNewsWire

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