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Zoom Escaper: New tool helping you to leave Zoom meetings by making funny sounds

A new tool Zoom Escaper helps you to avoid Zoom meetings by generating intolerable sounds. Ever wondered about the quick meeting which was supposed to end in 10 min stretching for a longer duration. And you want to quickly leave the meeting without annoying your boss.

Zoom Escaper

Nobody wants to participate in yet another Zoom meeting. We’re all tired from gazing at a camera during the pandemic and nodding along as other people talk, no matter how sweet our colleagues are or how important the subject there is the solution to this problem Zoom Escaper.

Zoom Escaper Tutorial

The Sam Lavigne tool was meant to cut down on unnecessary Zoom use, according to an article in The Guardian. As you can see in image controls of Zoom Escaper you can generate multiple annoying noises as shown in image below.

How to setup Zoom Escaper

  • Zoom Escaper currently only work in chrome so open Zoom Escaper in Chrome
  • Click the large “Enable Microphone” button to allow the microphone to reach this site.
  • Download VB-Cable. and refresh page
  • Click the button Start.
  • Play with effects. Play with effects.

How to use in Zoom Escaper in Zoom Meeting

  • Adjust the output to “VB-Cable” on the webpage.
  • Set your “VB-Cable” microphone in Zoom.
  • To turn off rollback to earlier setting done in above step.

Note: Remember you can’t hear the audio distortion added to your voice during your Zoom call. So be aware of how this tool has been used. Also take into consideration who’s in the call and its effect if you don’t want adverse actions because of distortions made.

Zoom Escaper
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