Answer to All Your Questions About Youtube Thumbnail Size

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What should be Youtube Thumbnail size? It may look like an irrelevant question. On a competitive platform like YouTube, simply knowing how to do something is not enough. You need to know how to do it well. But choosing the right Youtube Thumbnails can help in getting ahead of your competitors. Below we will discuss what should be Youtube Thumbnail size and what are other best practices to be followed while choosing Youtube Thumbnail size.

Google explains why: “Your custom thumbnail image should be as large as possible, as the image will also be used as the preview image in the embedded player.”

It is called as Thumbnail as it shown small. You can check below highlighted video on right it is Youtube Thumbnail.

Answer to All Your Questions About Youtube Thumbnail Size

7 best practices for creating a YouTube thumbnail.

Answer to All Your Questions About Youtube Thumbnail Size
7 best practices for creating Youtube thumbnail
  1. Add Text to Thumbnail : Add text to your thumbnail images to engage your audience and get a quick idea of ​​what your video is about. This is especially useful if you want to add more context than the title. Here’s an example: learn something isn’t exactly a great keyword to include in your video title! However, you can include it in the thumbnail image to encourage curiosity and encourage click-to-view.
  2. Choose right thumbnail :No one likes Click bait. So make sure the thumbnails reflect what’s really happening in your video. By giving potential viewer evidence of what the video will show, you can not only encourage clicks, but also not disappoint what your viewers are seeing.
  3. Place logo in Youtube thumbnail: Placing a logo on a thumbnail image can enhance your brand’s presence and increase the likelihood that your viewers will remember your brand. Not only will they help you when looking for you on YouTube, but if they tell their friends, it can also help you create a map of mouth marketing.
  4. Don’t whiten logo on Youtube Thumbnail: Instead of whitening your logo on the main image, place the ticks in an inconspicuous place to keep them in a stable position. Vevo always has its logo in the lower left corner-Hand: It doesn’t pull out from the main image at all, but soon makes it clear that Vevo will upload its own video.
  5. Don’t Overdo: YouTube thumbnails are pretty small, so it’s important not to overwhelm your photos. This may sound inconsistent, but I’ve been particularly advised to hide logos and text tracks, which is an important balance for the beat. If too much is happening on the screen, thumbnails can keep people away rather than actually drawing it. Which is the opposite of what you want!
  6. Add action images to Youtube Thumbnail: Thumbnails are the main selling point of videos. There are often differences between those who are watching a video and those who are watching another video. The more curious people are with thumbnails, the more likely they are to click on a video. You can inspire curiosity with action images or if your video has interesting action images, you can create graphics and thumbnails that are of interest to potential viewers.
  7. Test the performance of Youtube Thumbnail: When creating thumbnail images with, the possibilities are almost endless. The only way to find out what works and what works is to take a test. To see how your viewers are reacting, swap thumbnails every few weeks and measure the difference in viewership. You may see more videos with text on thumbnails, why do you stop there? You can fine-tune the size of text, fonts, colors and more! There is nothing right or wrong to do here.

Youtube Thumbnail Size

Answer to All Your Questions About Youtube Thumbnail Size

Youtube Thumbnail Size should have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Custom Youtube Thumbnail templates can be used to create Youtube Thumbnail. There are lot resources available to get Custom Youtube Thumbnail teamplate canva, postermywall, snappa are one of the few. Below is the examples of snapshot from canva.

Answer to All Your Questions About Youtube Thumbnail Size
Source: Canva

Once Youtube thumbnail is created it can be uploaded in any image formats : PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF. Maximum allowed size of Youtube Thumbnail is 2MB.

Final Words

We have already established YouTube thumbnails to maintain a channel where the images are high quality and independent of sharpness. The photo itself is also very important here. People are naturally attracted to exciting and interesting footage. If your YouTube thumbnails provide it-same as the old-old, if it’s just Meh, the chances are pretty good they scroll back. When choosing thumbnail images on YouTube, make sure they make sense. In other words, the image should represent the content of the video.

People are still determined based on these still teaser frames. As a result, if you choose a thumbnail and come across a video that is not related to the image, they will be disappointed and you can avoid choosing your video in the future. When choosing a photo, don’t forget to follow the YouTube community guidelines. Why face? Simply put, this makes YouTube thumbnails more handsome and creates this virtual connection to the user, especially if the use of images is very expressive. People want to see what provokes the emotions of others.

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