YouTube Music tests a new playlist UI

Google is continuing to improve YouTube Music with new features being added on a regular basis. The latest addition is the ability for users to share their favorite music tracks on Snapchat Stories. This follows last month’s update which saw the addition of shuffle capability and an improved radio algorithm for better artist discovery on the Wear OS version of YouTube Music. For Android users, Google is currently working on a new playlist UI.

The latest YouTube Music update, discovered by user/MoistTart3258, altered the playlist UI. The new UI puts the album art front and centre, with the playlist name and buttons below. A blurred background based on album art provides the playlist page a nice look.

Credit Reddit

The play button is in the centre, with download, library, share, and a three-dot menu on either side. But the shuffle button is gone. The new UI is cleaner and more unified than the old UI, as shown in the screenshots.

One device has the new playlist UI for YouTube Music. The new UI appears to be limited to playlists, leaving albums with the old UI. However, we expect albums and playlists to be updated once the change is broadly rolled out.

The new playlist UI isn’t yet generally available. None of my Android devices running YouTube Music have it. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know when it goes public.

Have you seen the new YouTube Music playlist UI?