You can download Eyeware Beam for free in the iPhone

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Eyeware Beam is a public beta that allows Windows users to track their eyes using the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone and the eye-tracking app has been published.

Eyewear Beam was originally launched in January 2021 and is an app which tracks user head and eye without the need for any other gear other than iPhone. With Windows PC connected, the programme uses the TrueDepth camera array usually used for Face ID, which is the iPhone webcam.

The app can serve as a gaming input to introduce head movements as well as to display your viewers what they actively look at. It is also useful for training, so that a player or worker can see how they look at events and activities in an application or a game.

Over 150 games supporting Open Track or Free Track integration are available as head-tracking features. The eye-tracking can be integrated to the streaming and display recording tool OBS as an overlay of a game or a screen.

To use the app, an IPhone app requires a software counterpart to be installed in the computer. Currently, it supports Windows only, currently without MacOS support. Mobile device versions with TrueDepth Camera and Face ID Support on the iPad Pro, running on iOS or iPadOS 13 or later are compatible on both sides of the mobile device.

Downloads and uses via the App Store are free of charge in public beta. Later in 2021 a premium version comes with new features and other changes, but prices are not yet announced.

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