Windows 11 retail box

Windows 11 build 22000.675 Patch has been released by Microsoft

Tuesday, the second day of the month, is Patch Tuesday, thus today is the day. All Microsoft-supported software will be updated as a result. This obviously covers the most recent version of Windows, version 11.

Windows 11 users will receive KB5013943, which increases the build number to 22000.675. It is available for manual download here.

As is customary, there is nothing noteworthy or at the very least nothing new to report. The most notable additions are nameless patches for security vulnerabilities. Several further enhancements have been made:

  • Some.NET Framework 3.5 applications may not open or may experience difficulties if this bug is not fixed. WCF and WWF components, which are optional in.NET Framework 3.5, are used by the impacted software applications.
  • A known problem that may cause your screen to flicker if you start your device in Safe Mode has been addressed. Users should be cautious while using programmes like File Explorer or the Start menu if they are dependent on explorer.exe.

Other than that, all of the fixes were detailed in the optional update that was released last month. It’s called a cumulative update since it includes everything from the previous update. The key distinction here is that it’s mandatory.

Additionally, there is a film that accompanies with it, which leaked earlier today. It’s all about Microsoft Edge tips, and there’s nothing new in the browser to be found here. Among the updates included in today’s Patch Tuesday release are improvements to video subtitles, the weather widget, and the ability to minimise and maximise individual windows.

As previously stated, this update, like with all others released on Patch Tuesday, is required. Obtaining this update is as simple as running Windows Update or manually downloading and installing it. If you don’t, the update will automatically be installed in the future.