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Why do my firestick keep restarting | (10 ways to fix FireStick keep restarting problem)

In this article we will discuss why do my firestick keep restarting and will help you Fix : FireStick keep restarting problem. Amazon FireStick is an awesome tool to view your favorite online streaming App on your TV, like NetFlix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora and many more.

But if it starts restarting again and again do you want to do that? Is this a hardware problem or something else that can be readily fixed?

How do I fix Firestick continuously restart problem?

If your Amazon Firestick keep restarting , it can be due to numerous factors,

  • Unofficial cable use.
  • Micro USB cable wear and tear.
  • Cable malfunction.
  • Poor power supply.
  • Hardware problems..

But most of the reasons of Amazon Firestick restart problem can be simply remedied at home. In this article, we will discuss exactly 10 ways can be which can be utilized to solve the problem.

10 ways to fix Firestick restart problem - solve your Fire TV Stick issue

There is usually a problem with electronic gadgets that is caused by software or hardware, and Amazon's Firestick is no exception.

Incoherent power supplies are the most common cause of Firestick restarts, and there are a few quick fixes and simple changes that can resolve the problem. You can solve this issue by using the following basic hacks.

Original/official accessories should be used

Two of my children either misplace or keep their accessories in places where I can't find them. There are times when I use a different USB cable or accessory and that is when the problem begins.
Try finding the original firetv stick accessories if you run into the same issue and you'll solve it within minutes.

Replace your USB cable

A USB cable ages and begins to malfunction or completely stop functioning as it gets old. Replace the USB cable to resolve the issue.

Power adapter should be changed or replaced

The original FireStick comes with a 1 Amp Power Adapter, and most commonly, using a 2 Amp adapter or replacing the original with a 2 Amp one solves the starting problem.

Connecting the TV’s USB cable directly to the power supply

All the USB ports do not provide the required power supply for the FireStick to run normally. Connect your FireStick with the power supply if your TV is connected to a FireStick via USB cable. FireStick can start normally if the power supply is adequate.

Using extensions is not recommended

In situations where direct power is not available, USB ports and power extensions make connectivity easier, but at the same time they can pose several challenges to power supply.

If you are experiencing a restart issue, you should remove any extension.

Remove other attached HDMI port gadgets

There are HDMI ports on almost every TV, so we can connect two or more devices with the HDMI ports. It is possible that when you connect multiple gadgets to a TV, the power won't be sufficient to power all of them.

Try unplugging connected gadgets or plugging them one by one to figure out which device is causing the issue.

Update your firmware FireStick

Since FireStick runs on software, it may suffer from bugs, but these can be fixed through the official updates. Firmware updates can solve the problem.

Use the following steps to upgrade the firmware:-

  • Go to Settings for FireStick TV.
  • Click on the fire TV > About.
  • Click on the option "Check for system update"

Disable HDMI CEC on your device

The majority of the TVs now have HDMI CEC built-in.

With this new feature, you can control HDMI-connected devices using only one remote control. You can try switching off HDMI CEC, since every device implements it differently.

Switch off HDMI CEC by following the below steps

  • Select Display and Sound in Fire TV's settings.
  • Click on HDMI CEC device control and turn the feature off.

Replace the Remote Batteries

This problem does not occur mostly because of a remote battery, although sometimes because of low battery the failure on the remote can transmit restart signals. If a glitch could be removed then the battery replacement would accomplish the job.

Format you Device

As a final step to resolve the restarting issue on your Fire TV stick, I suggest that you do this. Although there are different ways to reset or format the device, following this simple process may be the optimal method.

  • Click on "My Fire TV" in the "Settings".
  • Click on the Factory Reset option.

Note: Once, the Factory reset is complete all the Apps from the Fire TV are deleted

Does your FireStick TV have a hardware problem?

If none of the above options work for you, you have a major problem and must immediately communicate with Amazon's customer support to get your device repaired or replace your device if in warranty.

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