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Fixing a Google Account

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You can't enter into your Google account or any of the services linked to it due to a changed password or account hijacking.

Not able to access Google

There are three main reasons why a user may be unable to access their account.
- Google Account disabled due to lost password.
- Google account has been disabled owing to suspected hacking.
- Google suspends an account that violates its policies.(due to abusive behaviour)

How Do Google Accounts Get Disabled?

If you forget your email address or password for your Google account, you can click the "Forgot email?" link or start the Automated Account Recovery process to access your account using a secondary means (a phone number or another email address, for example) or establish a new account.

1. Credential Issue

Fix Google Disabled

Similarly, hacked accounts should be recovered using the Account Recovery tool. Kim advises setting up recovery phone numbers or email addresses ahead of time. “We strongly advise everyone to include a recovery phone number.” Also, phone numbers added for two-factor verification are never utilised for anything else, so no need to worry about marketers stealing them.

2. Account Hijacked

Fix Google Disabled

A Google hotline is unlikely to get you a live person. Contact your organization's administrator to see whether they can manage users via Google's Admin Console. Other Google users, like YouTube Partners or Google Fi subscribers, may have dedicated support teams. They may be able to provide general assistance, but Kim warns against expecting a miraculous account reset wand.

Can I Talk to a Human?


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