Dryer Lint Cleaning Tips

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Clean Dryer lint

Prevent house fires by learning how to properly remove dryer lint.
Get rid of all of the dryer lint that has built up inside of your dryer and in the exhaust vent.
You may clean the dryer in 30 minutes or less.

Tools Required

4-in-1 screwdriver
Dryer brush
Shop vacuum 

Lint can cause fire

Dryer lint causes 15,000 fires a year. Check the exhaust vent and cabinet often to avoid this. Electric heating elements, gas burners, or a motor spark can ignite lint.

 1. Clean Duct

To clean the dryer's exhaust duct, turn off the gas, unhook it, and take it away from the wall.
Brush and vacuum duct lint.
Replace flexible plastic conduit with rigid metal duct.

 2. Unplug dryer

Unplug the dryer, turn off the gas, and open the top or front. Gas and electric dryers operate similarly.

 3. Clean lint filter

Remove the lint filter and the two screws on the side of the lint filter opening on dryers with a solid front panel. Lift the top.

 4. Clean lint filter

Disconnect the door-switch wires, remove the front screws, and drop the panel forward. The drum will tip as the panel falls, but no damage will result. Just hold it up to clean.

 5. Clean lint filter opening

Clean out the dryer lint filter opening by brushing out the lint and vacuuming the area around the drum.

 6. Clean drum and rear

Clean the dryer's drum, top, and rear.
Clean carefully around wires and mechanical parts. Brush and vacuum the dryer vent screen with a long brush

 6. Reassemble dryer

Finally, put the dryer back together. Drop the front into the catches at the bottom of the drum while keeping it tethered to the sides of the drum.After reattaching the screws and cables in the front, replace the top of the hood.

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