WatchOS 8 introduces additional capabilities for mindfulness and respiratory tracking.

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You didn’t think you’d make it through this year’s WWDC without hearing some significant watchOS news, did you? While Apple’s wearable isn’t quite as successful as the iPhone, Watch has been a major success for the firm, completely dominating the smartwatch industry.

To no one’s surprise, the corporation is taking a more targeted approach to mindfulness. Apple is not quite ready to kill Calm or Headspace, but the popular breathe feature is receiving a much-needed revamp, with new animations encouraging users to contemplate and be more attentive.

Additionally, respiration tracking has been included, which was previously a background feature. It’s being revealed in the watchOS experience to allow for time tracking and other notifications.

Naturally, a watchOS update would be incomplete without some new faces. The company is introducing a portrait mode for faces in order to add depth to images used as the lock screen. The Watch Photos app will also receive a redesign, as will the ability to share photographs from the watch with third-party apps such as Mail and Messages.

Fitness+ will also receive a slew of new material, including musical focuses on Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, and Keith Urban. Tai chi and pilates are also being added to the wearable’s repertoire of routines.

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