Users of the iPhone 12 discover MagSafe is a device that separate iron from sand.

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Apple reintroduced “MagSafe” with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models in October 2020. “MagSafe” was previously used to refer to the breakaway magnetic charging cables designed for the MacBook. MagSafe has been repurposed to refer to magnet-based accessories, but this time for iPhones rather than Macs.
All iPhone 12 models feature a ring of magnets around the wireless charging coil on the back that adhere to MagSafe-compatible accessories such as cases and chargers, and this guide covers everything you need to know about MagSafe.

How did iPhone 12 Pro user separate Iron From Sand?

A Reddit user shared a photo of his iPhone 12 Pro covered in ferrous debris (via AppleInsider). While the rest of the device remained clean, the metal from the sand was magnetically attached to the MagSafe magnets, the optical image stabilisers in the camera module, and other areas.

Tahoe is abundant in soil that has been pulverised by other elements. Iron oxides and pyrites can adhere magnetically to the MagSafe magnets on the back of the iPhone 12 series. Not only this, but other ferrous metals can also become magnetised when in close proximity to the magnets. While the user does not reveal the state of the iPhone from the front, the back appears to reveal iron particles forming the magnets inside.

How MagSafe works?

Users of the iPhone 12 discover MagSafe is a device that separate iron from sand.
Image Credits: Apple

MagSafe connects the iPhone 12 models via a ring of magnets to accessories that also incorporate magnets. Thus, Apple’s MagSafe Charger attaches directly to the back of an iPhone, much like a magnet attaches to a refrigerator.
Cases work similarly, snapping onto the iPhone’s magnet ring. The magnet ring’s design enables the iPhone 12 models to be compatible with a wide variety of magnetic accessories, ranging from chargers to mounts to cases.

While the addition of a MagSafe in the iPhone 12 is quite convenient, it may pose a risk to patients with pacemakers. According to the FDA’s most recent investigation, the MagSafe on the iPhone 12 poses a low risk. The FDA’s precautions are consistent with Apple’s recommendation that customers keep their iPhone and MagSafe accessories at least six inches apart from their medical device, or 12 inches apart if the iPhone is wirelessly charged.Apple advises users to seek specific guidance from a physician and the device manufacturer.

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