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How To Unlock The Motorola Moto Phone Bootloader

While you can always install the latest Android updates on any Android device, you need to unlock the bootloader to install a custom ROM. But what's a bootloader, and why do you need to unlock it? A bootloader is a special piece of code that runs every time you turn on your phone. It verifies if the device has valid boot images on it or not. If a valid kernel is found, it loads it into RAM and then executes it.

Unlocking the bootloader is a big step towards rooting your Motorola smartphone. If you are engaged in the rooting process, you will be happy to know that unlocking the bootloader is indeed the first step towards that goal. This guide will walk you through the process of unlocking the bootloader on any Motorola handset in this comprehensive tutorial. This OEM's path has been quite underappreciated. Its enviable Moto G series has long been a hit with the masses. Similarly, the company offers an Android One range of devices. These devices provide a pure and stock Android experience, as well as speedier

Despite tough competition, the company has created and maintained a loyal consumer base. On the other hand, Moto users are always looking for ways to maximize their smartphone. If this describes you, you've come to the right place. This post will show you How To Unlock The Motorola Moto Phone Bootloader and maximize its potential.

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What is the term “Bootloader”?

A bootloader is a software program that instructs the operating system which programs to load during boot-up. Similarly, it enables your device to boot into recovery mode. The majority of OEMs provide their smartphones with a locked bootloader by default. Their rationale is rather obvious. They simply want the userbase to stick to the pre-configured OS environment.

While it is understood, a locked bootloader prevents you from fully exploiting the device's capabilities. This is why many technophiles prefer to venture into custom development. The first of which requires an unlocked bootloader. And in this tutorial, we will assist you in accomplishing just that. But first, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of unlocking the bootloader on your Motorola handset.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Unlocked Bootloader

An unlocked bootloader comes with a slew of benefits. To begin, you'll be able to flash a variety of various custom ROMs and even install a custom recovery such as TWRP. Similarly, you may get administrative capabilities and access to your device's system partition. This is accomplished by rooting your device with Magisk. Once rooted, you'll be able to install Magisk Modules, Xposed Framework, and a variety of additional mods.

However, each of these modifications introduces a few unwelcome dangers. Once the bootloader is unlocked, the warranty becomes null and invalid. Similarly, the operation will delete all data on your device. Similarly, apps like as Netflix, Google Pay, and Pokemon Go may not function properly. The entire procedure is dangerous and, if not executed correctly, could result in a bootloop or soft-brick. Having said that, if you're ready to go, here are the procedures for unlocking the bootloader on your Motorola handset.

How To Unlock The Motorola Moto Phone Bootloader

There are a few prerequisites that must be met before proceeding with the process. Therefore, ensure that you have checked all of these conditions.

That is all. You are now ready to unlock the bootloader on your Motorola cellphone.

1. Enable USB Debugging | Unlock OEM Devices

To begin, ensure that USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking are enabled on your device. The former is required in order for your device to be recognized by your PC when used in ADB mode. By contrast, the latter choice enables you to initiate the unlocking procedure.

  • Navigate to Settings > About Phone > Seven times tap on Build Number
  • Return to the previous screen, navigate to Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options.
  • Enable both USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking.

2. Boot your Motorola device in Fastboot

The next step in this method is to boot your Motorola device into Fastboot Mode. This is how it may be accomplished:

  • Connect your motorola device to your computer via a USB cord. Ascertain that OEM Unlock and Debugging are enabled. Then navigate to the platform-tools folder and type CMD in the address bar. This command will open the Command Prompt.
  • To boot your device into Fastboot Mode, use the following command in the CMD prompt.
adb reboot bootloader
  • Now, run the following command to confirm the Fastboot connection:
fastboot devices
  • The connection is successful if you receive the device ID followed by the fastboot keyword. Otherwise, verify that the driver installation is correct.

3. Obtain Access to Unlock Data

  • You will now need to obtain the Unlock Data for your Motorola handset in order to unlock its bootloader. To do so, type the following command in the CMD window:
fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  • You should now have five lines of alphanumeric strings.
  • You will need to copy all five lines, but leave out the bootloader keyword and any spaces between them. To do so, copy all five lines of commands and paste them into a text editor such as Notepad.
  • Then remove the '(bootloader)' prefix from all of these lines, as well as the spaces between them. The final output should be a single line of command. It should be copied because it will be utilized in the next step.

4. Acquire the Motorola Unlock Code

You will now need to provide Motorola the unlock data, which Motorola will then provide you with the Unlock Key. Proceed in the following manner:

  • To begin, visit Motorola's Bootloader Unlock page and log in using your Motorola credentials.
  • Signup if you haven't yet on above site.
  • Scroll down to the sixth point on that page and paste the Unlock Data code into the given field. This is the same code you got in above step.
  • Then click the button Can my smartphone be unlocked?
  • This will take you to the section on the License Agreement. Select 'I Agree'.
  • Terms and conditions must be agreed upon
  • You should see a button labeled "REQUEST UNLOCK KEY." Simply click on it.

At this point, Motorola will send you an email containing the Unlock Key to the email address you used to sign in to this page. Therefore, check your Inbox for the key; if it is missing, also try the Promotions and Spam folders.

5. Unlock the bootloader of your Motorola device

  • It's now time to use the Unlock Key that you just obtained to unlock the bootloader on your Motorola device.
  • Ascertain that your device is still in Fastboot Mode and linked to your computer through a USB cord. Similarly, as described previously, you should have launched the CMD window inside the platform-tools folder.
fastboot oem unlock UNLOCK_KEY
  • Therefore, under the Command window, type the following command and press Enter. Simply replace UNLOCK KEY with the key obtained in above step from Motorola in the below command.
  • The process will begin immediately and should take only a few seconds. Once complete, you can now use the following command to reboot your device to the OS (if this does not happen automatically).
fastboot reboot

Hurray you have unlocked The Motorola Moto Phone Bootloader.


We hope that you have enjoyed this article on how to unlock the Motorola Moto Phone Bootloader. We always love to help our readers, so if you have any other questions or concerns about this process, please contact us anytime. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!