Twitter is currently testing a new reporting tool for ‘misleading’ messages

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Twitter is currently experimenting with a new tool that will allow users to recognize messages that contain inaccurate information and report them to the service. The study is presently only open to participants in the United States, Australia, and South Korea; however, it is reasonable to expect that if the trial is successful, it will be expanded in the future to include more participants.

As part of the test, which was revealed on Tuesday, you can now send tweets to a new category that was previously unavailable. The option to report a tweet as “misleading” is right there in between the other options when you choose “Report Tweet” from the three dots in the upper right corner of a tweet. A harsh or caustic tone, as well as expressions of self-harm or suicide intent, are all present.

The screen for reporting on categories has been changed.

Twitter is currently testing a new reporting tool for 'misleading' messages
Credits Twitter

Once you’ve selected “misleadiing” you’ll be able to specify if the tweet offers inaccurate information about politics, health, or “anything else,” among other things. It is true that you cannot write your own valuable notes, unlike Twitter’s crowdsourced disinformation detection programme Birdwatch, but this is not a big deal. More accurately, after you select your prefered category of misinformation, the report simply goes through — which means I unintentionally reported a tweet while experimenting with this. Please accept my apologies.

The creation of this new category will allow Twitter users to report tweets that are made in bad faith, such as those that offer only a portion of the truth in order to spread a falsehood. The fact that something will happen is not guaranteed, as anyone who has ever reported a tweet is well aware, and this is something that Twitter explicitly acknowledges.

When you choose to report a misleading tweet, Twitter states that it will use the information to find new ways to reduce misleading information. “While we may not take action or respond directly to this report, we will use it to find new ways to decrease misleading information,” Twitter states when you choose to report a misleading tweet. “It may be necessary to reduce its visibility, provide further background information, or establish new policies.”

Credits Twitter

After covering several incremental efforts by social media corporations to eliminate misinformation while we continue to slaughter one another through violence or indifference, I’m completely exhausted and have given up hope for a better future for humanity. There is a new category for reporting tweets that are considered offensive. Yay. The effect is similar to cheering for a drowning person who has managed to get one more breath of air. It’s just fantastic. Although helpful, it is insufficient at this point in time.

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