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Top 5 Public Domain Music Websites

Thanks to Spotify and Apple Music, commercial music is now more accessible than ever before. However, those apps are only for the enjoyment of the user and may not be the best option if you need to incorporate music into your creative effort. Public domain music or content governed by a Creative Commons licence may be a better option.

  • There are many websites where you can download free public domain music to use in your videos and other projects.
  • Some of these websites make it easy to find and download the music you need.
  • Here is a list of five of the best sources for free or Creative Commons-licensed music online.

There are a number of excellent online resources for finding and downloading free public domain and copyright-free music. This music is available for free and unrestricted use in any context.


FreePD has a wide range of genres available on the website, from positive and cheery to epic and dramatic, scary, and sad. The website header declares that all content is free to use without attribution or copyright. There are several levels to the site.

You can either pay $10 for 800 MP3 tracks, $25 for 100 higher-quality WAV files, or download individual tracks for free. The site uses PayPal so that its users can reward the site's content authors. You can stream and sample all of the site's songs before downloading them.

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is a great place to find royalty-free music to download and use in other projects. The site is easy to use and navigate, and there is a wide variety of genres represented. The tracks are all released under a Creative Commons licence, so you'll want to double-check your usage rights before using any of the tracks. The site's built-in player lets you listen to, sample, and download individual tracks. It's completely free to use this website.


Musopen is a non-profit website that has been in operation since 2012. Its goal is to make music education more widely available by providing a variety of resources, such as music files, sheet music, apps, and more. Because of this, it's an excellent tool for teachers, but keep in mind that the site's primary focus is on classical music.

In order to use the site for free, though, you'll have to adhere to a number of restrictions, including the fact that you can only download five songs every day. Unlimited downloads, access to lossless audio files, and other perks can be purchased for $55 per year by subscribers.

You can also listen to public domain music online. You can search by composer, instrument, time period, length, and more using the site's search engine.

Open Music Archive

Artists Eileen Simpson and Ben White, both from the United Kingdom, founded the Open Music Archive, a website that aims to raise awareness of copyright issues in the music industry. Public domain music from many different genres and styles can be found at the OMA. However, using the site's search function might be a bit of a challenge because it's built around browsing by tags that are scattered all over the place.

The framework of the website isn't well organised, but you may be able to find performers like Woody Guthrie, Virginia Liston, and Johnny Dodds by searching for specific years or categories like "vocal," "happy," or "country." You can either download or stream the tunes from the website's collection via SoundCloud (but not on the OMA portal, where you can only preview or stream).

Render Mubert Render

Mubert Render - Soundtrack for your content made by AI | Product Hunt

It's not uncommon to need music with a specified length, whether it's for a video soundtrack or a creative project soundtrack, to act as the musical base. Mubert, a website that offers music made by artificial intelligence, is a good resource.

It's as simple as selecting a mood and duration, and the website makes an original, royalty-free tune in a matter of seconds. If you want, you can download it and use it whenever you like.

In order to download the music you produce, you must first register for a free account on the site. While it would be wonderful to have a large number of ways to generate new tracks, every song you produce has the opportunity to generate a new version in the same way.