Tinder now allows you to block phone contacts from your feed.

Tinder now allows you to block phone contacts from your feed.

Despite the global carnage that COVID-19 caused, there was no confirmed record of anyone losing their faith in love by using Tinder. According to the company itself. When the globe opens up, there’s a greater likelihood of finding new dates, and the likelihood of encountering your connections, especially exes and coworkers at the office, increases as well. Tinder believes it has the power to help.

A new function called Block Contacts has been added to the app, which will enable consumers hide from unwanted contacts. Those who haven’t wanted their contacts to appear will be able to go into the settings and ban contacts they hadn’t intended to see. If they swipe to see their contacts, it will appear that those contacts have not been blocked.

If the people you swipe right on don’t appear as potential matches, you’ll know you aren’t seeing anything. Users who have never used the function may access it free of charge.

Tinder Block contacts are in the process of rolling out.

This functionality was first tried out in places like India, Japan, and Korea, and has only just been implemented when it was announced that Tinder refers to this time period as “Uncuffing Season.” In a research conducted by Tinder itself, it is predicted that roughly 63% of participants will be going out looking for new partnerships in the summer. Folks could have such a terrible attitude about their “pandemic lovers” that as many as 40% of them may break up with them.

While this is going on, Tinder believes that it can use Block Contacts to aid. Bernadette Morgan, the group product manager for Trust & Safety at Tinder, shared the following message with the world: “We may not be able to prevent you from awkward run-ins at the coffee shop, but we are providing you greater control over your Tinder experience.” “In the spirit of offering peace of mind, we are adding Block Contacts as an extra resource empowering members with new relationships that have less to worry about,” she added.

How to to block your ex, colleagues, or family on Tinder?

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  • On your mobile, launch the Tinder application.
  • Now, select the profile icon.
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Now, go down to the Contacts section of the settings and select Block Contacts.
  • Allow Tinder access to your contacts now.
  • Select individuals from your contact list that you wish to avoid under the “Contacts” tab.
  • Select “Block Contacts”

Each time you activate the functionality, the app will retrieve your contact list from your device. When you disable it, the dating app will save only the contact information for people you have blocked. You can also block someone without exposing your entire contact list to Tinder.

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Source | Tinder Press Release

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