Time Needed For Keyword Research

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In this article we will find Time Needed For Keyword Research.If you want to succeed in content creation and blog generation. You need to spend quality time for keyword research. Because Google has changed its ranking algorithm to track user’s intent. You can read detail at backlinko.com Google intent

As the purpose behind a search is so critical for classifications. So it is important to spend time in keyword research. Before we can start writing about something and publishing over internet.

You skip a whole higher traffic if you don’t run keyword analysis.There are also more marketeers searching for keywords. And are likely to get high positions for finding lucrative search terms.No one should be shocked if you remove the assumption and use a proven process for your SEO.

How much time people spend on keyword research

On an average people spend from 1 hr to 6 hr to do keyword research. It is a tedious for beginners but as you Keyword research is divided in 5 phases.

  1. Planning niche
  2. Use different keyword research tools to get insight like (related keyword, Seach volume, CPC)
  3. Group keyword to decide subtopics
  4. Read more about different subtopics
  5. Write Blog by including all topics

Step 1. Planning Niche keyword research

Niche keywords are highly unique long-tailed Keywords for specific needs. Keyword help you in optimizing your site rank higher in google as it is targeting specific audiences where competitions is lesser. . It helps in running PPC and SEO campaigns. Examples of niche keywords “explain 3 ways how smartphones could be linked to climate change” , “impacts of covid 19 on globalization”.

Niche keywords can be chosen based on your blog, business domain. It depends on what service your business provide. What are the problem you want resolve etc. So you need to decide your niche based on these ideas. So start searching google search to explore niche ideas using google search engine and going through related search in bottom of google search engine.

Time Needed For Keyword Research.

Step 2. Use different keyword research tools to get insight

Once you decided your Niche keyword you need to start exploring more keyword ideas around niche decided. So there are plethora of keyword research tool available in market. Some of the TOP keyword research tools used are following.

Google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is simple simple keyword research tool. It is helpful in running your campaigns . It is a convenient, free tool that lets you discover keywords for your niche and see how much it’s predicted and how much it costs. It gives lot of research around keyword and provide similar keyword ideas. Provide information on monthly searches & competition CPC details etc.

Time Needed For Keyword Research.

Keywords Everywhere

It is a tool installed as an add-on on Chrome or Firefox. It shows statistics of search terms on 10+ sites as shown below. It also provide trend of search term. And the most important feature which I like in it is People also searched for Long tailed keyword. You can copy and export any of these. Each result shown in google also has traffic and keyword appended to get details.

Time Needed For Keyword Research.


Another beautiful tool paid tool if you want to explore your competitor website. Rather than doing research on your own keyword on your own. You can get lot of details about your competitor is ranking on. This will aid you in keyword research and reduce time in exploring your own keyword. You can try ranking on those keyword. It also shows lot of other stats about your competitor like number of visitors daily month. How much your competitor got as organic traffic. And plethora of other information you can explore before starting your own PPC campaign.

Time Needed For Keyword Research.


This tool has started to get popular recently. This tool scrapes keywords from multiple sources like answer.com,Google, Amazon, Bing etc. With a help of it you explore what people are searching on different platforms. It helps you in keyword strategies for different platforms.

Time Needed For Keyword Research.

Moz Keyword Explorer

It is SMART and power tool. You get lateral ideas around your keyword. It also provide niche keywords ideas reducing your time needed for keyword research. SMART features in Moz provide out of the box ideas around your keyword.

Step 3 . Group keyword to decide subtopics

Once you finalized keywords you will be using for writing an article. You need need to work on grouping related keywords together to form subtopic. This will help building content for your article and will help you ranking higher on Google.

So you will decide it makes sense to have separate page for each keyword or to group them together. You will start with your keyword, but that lists 5-20 other keywords that are related. You may use volume metrics to filter off lower-value keyword possibilities when determining which keywords to use. Google has smart algorithms and it keeps sites higher if your content is relevant.

If you group multiple keyword then chances of writing great content rises. Which helps user to stay on your page rather than jumping on different pages for other information.

But grouping doesn’t mean you need to group many irrelevant keywords it should make sense to group them together. So you should not group “Italian food” and “Sushi near me”. And should be catered in 2 different pages. You should break group only related keyword and and should break them to lowest level to write on those topics making your content rich.

Step 4. Read more about subtopics

Once you have sub grouped and clustered the keyword. You need to study about these topics to get in-depth of this subtopics. So read 2-3 top post in Google search skim through similar topics post and which will help in understanding the topic. And start taking notes and points. Start going through reddit and quora to read about these topics.

Step 5. Write Blog by including all topics

Once you are have enough material in your hand start expanding notes and points and link them together to make a beautiful article. And once article is written check grammar is grammarly to correct mistakes. You are good to go. In future I will expand more on each topics mentioned above.

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