There will soon be a fix for iOS 14.7 that prevents your iPhone from unlocking your Apple Watch

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Since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, it has had a helpful feature that enables you to open it with your iPhone rather than putting your passcode into the little number secrets with your finger. If it stops operating following Monday’s update to iOS 14.7, Apple claims a patch is on the way.

If you are the one who is stuck because of this issue. That is a great news people who are stuck.

Apple asserts in a support record that the issue is exclusive to iPhones with Touch ID and that the only workaround is to enter the passcode on your Apple Watch.

As long as it remains on your wrist, Apple only requires folks to enter the passcode daily, making it a very minor annoyance.

However, if you forget your four-digit code, the situation may get even more complicated. Apple does not provide a mechanism to obtain the code by message or e-mail, so you’ll have to factory reset your Apple Watch, restore from a backup, and also start anew.

Alternatively, you can wait for Apple to issue a patch that “will undoubtedly be resolved in a subsequent software application upgrade.”

Source : Apple

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