The Quarry will have a useful Death Rewind feature

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Supermassive Games’ newest title, The Quarry, offers a function that may reduce some of the stress or regrets involved with making such judgments. This function allows players to save their progress at any point in the game, and return to that save point if they make a decision that they later regret. This could be a useful feature for players who want to experiment with different choices in the game, without having to start from scratch each time.

In order to spare a character from certain death, players will be able to use a “Death Rewind” system, according to Supermassive. SegmentNext’s Will Byles, the game’s director, talked about this feature in detail in an interview with the developer. To escape character death, you are given three “life” tokens that can be used at the cost of one life. “You effectively get three ‘lives,'” Byles explained.

A choice you made that led to the character’s death will be re-enacted so you can choose differently next time. “You can use those to go back and try something different,” Byles said. “It’s a way of us saying, ‘We don’t want you to have to replay the whole game because you made one mistake.'”

Death Rewind is a feature in the game that allows you to go back in time and redo your decisions. It is only available after completing the story, and you can only use it three times.

With so many different outcomes in The Quarry, even with the Death Rewind option, it appears like multiple playthroughs will be necessary to see them all.