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The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features

This article is The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features. Facebook Messenger has completely redefined the way we communicate with others, so if you've only been using it to chat your Facebook pals, you're not getting the whole benefit. Since Facebook Messenger was launched as an independent app in 2015, it's hard to keep up with all of the features that it is introducing.

We've gone from end-to-end encryption to AI chatbots and augmented reality over the course of two to three years. Even with the privacy concerns and occasional resource hogging, it is difficult to ignore all of the capabilities that Facebook Messenger has to offer.

How to Obtain Facebook Messenger Access

In addition to using Messenger on your computer or at, you can use it on Android and iOS devices using the Messenger mobile app. Because Messenger works on both iPhones and the Apple Watch, it can also be used on the smartwatch.

For many Facebook users, the ability to retain contacts via social media is more significant than the social networking aspect. You can open a mobile Messenger account and use only your phone number to log in to the web interface. Then you'll need to set a password to access the account. Similarly, if you have a deleted Facebook account, you should still be able to log in using your Facebook login credentials with Messenger.

Messenger normal use Send Text, Pictures, and Video

Messenger is primarily a text messaging application for one-on-one and group communication, but it also supports the sending of photographs and video.
Messenger has various useful features, including a typing indicator, delivery receipts, read receipts, and a timestamp for when the message was delivered, as well as one for when the recipient received the most recent message.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features
Image Credits: Facebook

As with Facebook, Messenger lets you respond to messages both online and through the app. Another perk of uploading photos and videos via Messenger is that the app and website automatically combine all media files, making them easy to search.

Secret (encrypted) chat and Messenger stories disappear

It is certainly not unreasonable to be a bit wary of the Facebook privacy protection, but the Secret Conversations (started in 2016) feature of the mobile app employs the Signal Protocol for end-to-end encryptment. So you and your conversation partner (just one – no group chat) are saying no-one in the centre, not even Facebook can see. Tap the I icon at the top of this screen and select the option to activate a discussion with someone.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features Encrypted conversation

Similarly, Messenger Stories (launched in 2017 as "Messenger Day") offers an Instagram/Snapchat-like feature where updates are released within 24 hours. The privacy settings can also be changed to specify whether your tale is public or personal.

Location Sharing

You will enjoy live location sharing if you desire every movement you make to be logged and displayed to your peers. You can share a live map of your location with others in a Messenger chat, which became accessible in March 2017. It is actually really beneficial if you are looking for buddies in a crowd or tracking someone's ETA.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features: Share location on facebook Messenger

Nicknames to Messenger on Facebook

You might have a few Facebook friends that use a moniker that has nothing to do with their actual name. You may also have close friends whose surnames have changed over time, but you can only remember their former names. Remember Messenger's nickname function so you don't have to worry about confusion. All you have to do is open a chat, click on the name of the person you're interested in, and select the "Add a nickname" option.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features: Give nickname in facebook Messenger

Do voice or Video calls

The Messenger smartphone app, the desktop version, and the Facebook website are all able to offer voice and video calls. The camera icon is for making face-to-face video calls, while the phone icon is for audio calls. On Wi-Fi, you can use the app or website to make free internet calls with Messenger's calling features.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features: Do call or video call on facebook messenger

Send Money

Sending money with simply your debit card information is as straightforward as sending a text message. Both the website and the mobile app can handle this. It is possible to use Send Money in conversations by clicking on the menu, selecting Send Money, and then choosing. You have the option of either sending money or requesting it. You can either enter a price in a text message and pick it to send the message, or you can enter a message with a price in it and choose it to open the prompt to pay or request payment. You can also write a quick note about the transaction's purpose to it.

Use stickers, thumbs-ups & animated GIFs.

Facebook has introduced a slew of stickers into messages that you can use in a variety of ways. You can select your favourites to keep them close at hand. If stickers aren't your thing, Facebook has integrated Giphy into Messenger, allowing you to search for and insert any GIF in a matter of seconds. It's all quite simple.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features: Use Emoji stickers and animated GIFs

Additionally, there is a short thumbs-up button that you may use to express a concise response to a message. The majority of people are unaware that you may also resize it before posting by holding the thumb.

Mute Messenger Notifications

Being part of an active group chat can be a unique type of torture. If you feel annoyed by the fact that you get notifications for every single communication, that can be a problem. An easier way to fix the problem is to mute the entire group conversation.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features: Mute Notification on facebook messenger

You can opt to mute chats for a defined amount of time, ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Also, you can completely stop all Messenger notifications on your Android or iOS device using the device's native settings menu.

Check Non-Friend Messages

You only see messages from your contacts until a stranger sends you one. You should go to Settings > Message Requests to check the new messages. Messages from individuals you know are separated from all the other messages. Facebook has labelled such as spam messages.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features: Check No friend messages


Given Facebook's investment in AI, it's not surprise that Messenger is now home to thousands of chatbots (albeit the vast majority aren't true AI). They may be found in the "Discovery" tab in the bottom right of your Messenger home page, and they can help you with everything from expanding your vocabulary to subscribing to news updates, contacting a business, or ordering a pizza. You can also invite them to join your group Messenger conversations, where they will interject whenever they believe they can help you, such as booking a hotel room or making a restaurant reservation.

Use of augmented reality

AR is only fun for a short time, so don't plan on using it for a prolonged period of time. You may, however, use it to speak with a friend and place a virtual space ship on your nose to dodge asteroids or play a beach ball. The flashier augmented reality is primarily geared toward advertising you may, for example, check out a car or experiment on makeup.

Play Games

Messenger enables you to engage in games while also participating in group messages. When you want to talk to other Messenger users, there's no need to download another programme or visit another website.

Do Polls

Messenger enables you do polls in groups. To do so, simply click the Plus button in a group conversation and then pick Polls. From there, you may add a question and specific responses for your friends to vote on, then click submit. The poll will appear in the Messenger discussion, and your friends will be able to vote effortlessly.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features: How to polls on facebook messenger
Image Credits: Facebook

Customize your chats with beautiful themes

In December 2015, Messenger enabled colour customisation, allowing every participant in the conversation to change the chat's colour theme.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features : Use thesmes in facebook messenger

You may customise the look and feel of your Messenger discussions by selecting from a variety of themes and colours. When you select a theme or colour for a chat, the text box in Messenger, on, and in Facebook messages will be that colour.

Facebook Watch Together

With the new 'Watch Together' co-viewing experience in Facebook Messenger, up to eight individuals may now watch films together.Facebook Watch videos can be viewed in real time with friends and family via Messenger video calls.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features : Facebook Watch Together
Image Credits: Facebook

This means that the content that individuals can watch together is limited to what is available on Facebook. Although that library is constantly growing to contain both licenced and user-uploaded materials.

Block Users

With a few simple taps, you can instantly block if needed unblock anyone on Facebook through the Messenger app.

The complete guide to Facebook Messenger features : Block user on facebook messenger

To do so, click on your profile image to enter the "People" area of the app's options.
After accessing the menu, you can block and unblock friends by selecting a name from the list or by doing a search for a specific individual.

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