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Steps to check Apple AirTags Battery & Replacement


In this Article we will  discuss Steps to check Apple AirTags Battery & Replacement. The Apple AirTag is powered by a user-replaceable CR2032 battery that lasts one year. Battery life can vary depending on how often you use those features, such as Precision Finding. The Find My app makes it simple to check the battery level of an AirTag. Additionally, you should replace the battery in your AirTag if it runs out at an inconvenient moment. The Apple Find software can be used to verify the battery life of Air tags.

Steps to check Apple AirTags Battery & Replacement

How to boost the battery life of your AirTag

  • Do not trigger the AirTag until you are certain you will need it.
  • If enabled, add "Replace AirTag battery" to your To Do list in your To Do app.
  • Establish a recurring task for that task to occur every 11 months.
    Add a tag to that mission, such as "vacation."

There will be AirTags that you triggered immediately upon receipt, such as the one you're about to place on your key ring. However, those for your luggage can wait until you depart.

The To Do app will remind you to check for Apple's low battery warning. However, if that app allows you to tag or label your activities, you can have it show you all To Dos tagged "vacation" before you go on a holiday.

Thus, wherever your trip takes you, you'll see "Replace AirTag battery" and can decide if you're approaching the 12-month mark or not.

Regardless of whether you replace the battery early, wait for the warning, or wait until the battery is absolutely dead, you're going to have to replace it eventually.

Steps to check Apple AirTags Battery & Replacement
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Steps to check Apple AirTags Battery

  • To begin, open the Find My app and select the Items tab.
  • To search an AirTag, tap on its name. battery life of an AirTag
  • Battery life is shown directly underneath the AirTag's name and place, making it easy to see at a glance.

The battery icon indicates how much time remains rather than how much percentage, but it generally functions in a similar to an iPhone battery, which will slowly drain as time passes.

Steps to check Apple AirTags Battery & Replacement
Source Apple

Steps to replace AirTag battery

  • Reverse the AirTag so that the silver hand faces you.
  • Through your fingertips, press down on the opposite sides of the silver casing.
  • Maintain downward pressure and rotate counterclockwise.
  • Remove the silver top until it has become loose.
  • Remove the battery that has been exposed.
  • Replace the CR2032 battery with the positive + symbol facing up.
  • Substitute the silver top cap
  • With your fingertips, press down and rotate the cover clockwise.

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