Persona 4 Golden Steamdeck

Steam Deck Now Supports One of the Best Role-Playing Games of All Time

With the addition of Steam Deck support for one of the greatest RPGs ever made, There are numerous contenders for the greatest role-playing game of all time. Eternal Ring, The Witcher 3 and Skyrim are just few of the titles that have been mentioned in relation to this topic. One other game to consider is Persona 4 Golden, which was released prior to Persona 5.

Until recently, the famous RPG from Sega and Atlus was not available on Steam, but it has finally been added to the platform in 2020. The game was previously incompatible with the portable PC, however that should no longer be a problem thanks to the most recent update.

Persona 4 was released on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 2 exclusively in 2008. After four years, Persona 4 Golden was released on the PlayStation Vita as an improved edition. Earlier this week, this version was confirmed on Steam Deck to be the one that was released to Steam in 2020.

According to the promotional pitch for Persona 4 Golden, “Inaba-a tranquil village in rural Japan provides the stage for growing adolescence.” “As the protagonist and his pals grow up, a series of killings sends them on a path that will change their lives forever. Explore feelings of belonging, meeting like-minded individuals, and even confronting one’s darker nature.”

As of this writing, neither Persona 5 nor Persona 5 Royal have been announced for PC/Steam, despite both Persona 4 Golden and the Steam Deck having been verified. Even while there have been speculations of the games being released on Xbox or Nintendo Switch, nothing has come of these reports, and the longer this goes on, the more probable it is that the next iteration will remain exclusive to PlayStation consoles.