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Unleashing Your State of Survival Chief: A Comprehensive Guide to Chief Experience, Talents, and Gears

Surviving the post-apocalyptic world in State of Survival requires strategy, adaptability, and the ability to manage resources effectively. One crucial aspect of the game is optimizing your Chief's performance. In this guide, we'll delve into the Chief's experience, talents, and gears, giving you the edge to dominate in the State of Survival.

Harnessing the Power of Chief Experience (Chief EXP)

Chief EXP is the lifeblood of your Chief's growth in State of Survival. Accumulating Chief EXP allows you to level up your Chief, which in turn unlocks a plethora of benefits, such as increased resource production, enhanced troop performance, and access to more powerful talents.

Earning Chief EXP

Earning Chief EXP can be done through a variety of in-game activities, including:

  1. Completing main story missions, daily and alliance quests
  2. Engaging in battles, including infected fiends and enemy settlements
  3. Participating in events, such as Plague Zone, Survival of the Fittest, and Capital Clash

As you advance in the game, consider investing in VIP levels to enjoy perks like Chief EXP boosters, which can expedite your Chief's leveling.

Maximizing Chief Talents: A Walkthrough

Chief Talents are essential in bolstering your Chief's capabilities and defining your strategic approach to the game. Each time your Chief levels up, you earn talent points that you can allocate to one of the three talent trees: War, Economy, and Balance.

War Talent Tree

The War Talent Tree focuses on enhancing your troops' combat performance. Key talents in this tree include:

  • Rapid Response: Reduces march time for troops
  • Battle Frenzy: Increases troop attack, defense, and health

Economy Talent Tree

The Economy Talent Tree is geared towards improving resource production and overall growth. Vital talents in this tree encompass:

  • Resourceful: Boosts resource production
  • Construction Expert: Accelerates construction speed

Balance Talent Tree

The Balance Talent Tree is a hybrid approach, combining aspects of both War and Economy talent trees. Noteworthy talents include:

  • Reinforcement: Increases maximum number of troops in your march
  • Battlefield Tactician: Boosts troop attack, defense, and health

When allocating talent points, it's crucial to identify your strategic goals and prioritize talents accordingly. Resetting talent points is possible using Talent Reset items, but their availability is limited, so plan wisely.

Gearing Up for Success: Chief Gears

Chief Gears are vital components that augment your Chief's abilities. Gears can be acquired through various activities, such as defeating infected fiends, participating in events, or crafting in the Workshop. Upgrading your Workshop will unlock higher-level gears, providing your Chief with better bonuses.

Key Gear Sets

There are several gear sets in State of Survival, each catering to different aspects of gameplay. Some prominent gear sets include:

  • Gladiator Set: Enhances troop attack, defense, and health for PvP battles
  • Hunter Set: Boosts damage against infected fiends
  • Builder Set: Accelerates construction and research speed

Equipping the right gear set for your Chief's role is essential for optimizing performance. For example, use the Gladiator Set when preparing for PvP battles, or switch to the Builder Set when focusing on base development.

graph TD A[Chief Experience] --> B[Level Up] B --> C[Talent Points] C --> D[Allocate to Talent Trees] D --> E[Choose Strategy] E --> F1[War Talent Tree] E --> F2[Economy Talent Tree] E --> F3[Balance Talent Tree] F1 --> G1[Troop Combat Performance] F2 --> G2[Resource Production & Growth] F3 --> G3[Hybrid Approach] G1 --> H1[Gladiator Set] G2 --> H2[Builder Set] H1 --> I1[PvP Battles] H2 --> I2[Base Development] I1 --> J1[Dominate PvP] I2 --> J2[Expand Your Base]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reset my Chief’s talents in State of Survival?

A: To reset your Chief's talents, you'll need a Talent Reset item. These can be obtained from in-game events, the Alliance Store, or by purchasing them with Biocaps.

Q: What is the best talent tree for beginners in State of Survival?

A: For beginners, focusing on the Economy Talent Tree is generally recommended. It boosts resource production and accelerates construction and research, allowing you to develop your base faster.

Q: How do I obtain Chief Gears in State of Survival?

A: Chief Gears can be acquired by defeating infected fiends, participating in events, or crafting them in the Workshop. Upgrading your Workshop will unlock higher-level gears with better bonuses.

Q: Can I mix and match gear sets in State of Survival?

A: Yes, you can mix and match gear sets to customize your Chief's bonuses according to your strategic goals. However, equipping a full gear set may provide additional set bonuses.

By leveraging Chief Experience, optimizing your talents, and equipping the right gears, your Chief will be a formidable force in State of Survival. Remember to continually refine your strategies and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the post-apocalyptic world. Good luck, survivor!


In State of Survival, optimizing your Chief is vital for success. By understanding the intricacies of Chief Experience, talents, and gears, you can tailor your strategies to dominate in the post-apocalyptic world. Continue to refine your approach and adapt as the game progresses, and you'll soon become an unstoppable force.

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