Snapchat’s Snap Map now includes a My Places feature that recommends places to visit

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Snapchat aims to make it easier for people to find restaurants, businesses, parks, and other interesting areas in their neighborhood as more people venture out into the world this summer (hopefully safely!).

Today, Snapchat is launching the My Places feature on its Snap Map, which connects users to over 30 million businesses. Users may keep track of their favourite spots, share them with others, and get recommendations.

My Places is divided into three sections:

  • Visited it remembers sites you’ve visited on Snapchat
  • Favorites, it is well, your favourites.
  • Popular which is intriguing because it is the first time Snapchat has used an algorithm to deliver individualized recommendations to help individuals engage with the world around them. The algorithm takes into account where you are, what you’ve already tagged or favorites, and where your friends and other Snap-chatters have been.

Unlike more established sites such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, which you can’t actually use to find out what restaurants your friends prefer, Snap Map allows you to find out what restaurants your friends enjoy.

Snapchat's Snap Map now includes a My Places feature that recommends places to visit
Image Credits: Snap

Sure, Snapchat can’t give you directions to that trendy sushi restaurant, but it’s not designed to be able to, just as Google Maps isn’t supposed to show you which bar all your friends went to without you the night before.

The Snap Map, which was created more than four years ago, simply indicates popular places for snaps. Therefore, if there is a hotspot nearby, it will glow red, suggesting that there are a lot of snaps emanating from that location. They’ve simply piggybacked on this already-integrated function to add the ability to save your favorite bars, restaurants, and movie theaters.

Snap is attempting to entice users to stay longer on their app by adding this feature. Thus, whether you’re using Snapchat to make arrangements with pals or looking for something to do, you don’t need to switch to a browser or Google Maps. This type of retention is critical for the platform’s existence.

Among the findings of the survey were that Snapchat users are more inclined than the general public to participate in “post-pandemic” activities on average (is this a good thing? ), and that 44 percent of Snap-chatters use the Snap Map to find places of interest in their immediate vicinity.

The Layers feature, which was introduced in May by Snap Map, which has more than 250 million monthly active users, allows partner organizations to contribute data directly to their own maps. Snap Map has over 250 million monthly active users.

Snapchat has so far worked with Ticketmaster and The Infatuation, a restaurant recommendation website – both agreements allow users to discover where they can catch live entertainment and what delicious restaurants are hiding in plain sight near them. In the second half of this year, Snapchat plans to expand the use of Layers in Snap Map and My Places even further.

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