Samsung is committed to 3 years supporting old galaxy Tizen watches

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Image Credits: Google

Google and Samsung, the two companies revealed today that they are effectively merging Wear OS Google’s Watch operating system and the Tizen based software platform that has been the basis for Samsung’s wearables for years.
The resulting platform is officially dubbed “Wear,” but that may not be the final moniker.

Google’s Bjorn Kilburn wrote in a blog post stated This is not a Google or Samsung exclusive.All device makers will be able to customize the user experience on top of the platform, and developers will be able to build for a single platform and ecosystem using the Android tools they already know and love.And as a result of these advantages, you will have more choices than ever before, whether it is which device to purchase or which apps and watch faces to display.

The collaborative effort will lead to:

  • Major battery life improvements
  • 30% faster app loading times
  • Smoother animations.
  • It will simplifies development by establishing a centralized smartwatch OS for the Android platform.
Google and Samsung are combining their Wear OS and Tizen platforms.
Image Credits: Google
  • Google also promises a wider variety of applications and watch faces than ever before.

“We will integrate the best features of Galaxy Watch with Google on a single platform,” Samsung executives stated. Additionally, he promised that the Galaxy Watch’s next generation would feature a longer battery life and Google applications. The next Samsung Galaxy Watch has been unveiled, but there are few details available. However, it will run Tizen Wear’s new hybrid operating system.

Read if you are concerned about what will happen to your Samsung existing galaxy watch updates.

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