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Home » Labor Day Sale 2021: Roborock Robot Vacuum Now Available at a Steal Price of $379 Plus Bundle

Labor Day Sale 2021: Roborock Robot Vacuum Now Available at a Steal Price of $379 Plus Bundle

The Labor Day sales are almost everywhere ahead of the major event. From computers to smart home equipment, the customers can now enjoy huge discounts and more savings for these deals. At the moment, Roborock Robot Vacuum Now Available at a Steal Price.

For instance, you can now purchase Roborock S6 for only $379 during the biggest sale of the month. Originally, it was priced at $649.

Labor Day is just around the corner. If you are planning to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner, now is the best time to get it. Why? Because some of the best brands in the business are offering huge discounts on their robot vacuums for this special day.

As an alternative to this option, here are the Roborock bargains that you should look into ahead of the Labor Day event on Monday, September 6.

Roborock S6 on Sale for Labor Day Weekend

In order to promote their robot vacuum cleaners, Roborock is now providing substantial discounts. Here are some of the top deals you should look out for during the approaching Labor Day sales season.

According to a report published on Thursday, September 2, by Android Headlines, you may get a significant discount on the Roborock S6 by visiting its official website and downloading a coupon.

This smart home cleaner will serve as your dependable robot vacuum at home for less than $400, which is a great bargain. It has a suction capacity of 2000Pa.

If you want to recharge it so that you can use it again for your next clean-up, all you will need is a set of AA batteries. Even though it is powerful, it can operate quietly at approximately 67 dB.

Its pricing is reasonable for a cheap vacuum cleaner, especially considering that it operates solely on battery power.

Roborock Bundles on Sale for Labor Day

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Now Available at Discount
Image Credits: Roborock

You're probably looking for an all-in-one kit for this robot vacuum.

Roborock is presently offering a Roborock S7 and H6 package for a limited time. For only $479, you can now purchase the S7 while also receiving a complimentary H6.

Only Roborock's official website is available for purchase, making this a one-time purchase. Shipping costs would vary based on where the user was located when placing their order.

Use of the VibraRise technology is now available with the Roborock S7, the company's newest robot vacuum cleaner. The mopping pad can now be automatically lifted when it is on carpet or when it is in a location that has been pre-mapped thanks to this function.

The Sonic Mapping capability of this vacuum is another noteworthy feature to keep an eye out for. This makes it possible for the user to clean and scrub the floor with ease. This is an excellent option for folks who have difficult-to-clean flooring.

You can also experiment with the H6, a cordless stick vacuum. Because of its lightweight design, this would allow the user to quickly and easily clean the house. Check out the bundle by clicking on this link.

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