Spotify island

Roblox’s metaverse now features a new island themed around Spotify’s music offerings

Spotify has finally announced that it will bring its own island, Spotify Island, to Roblox. In this new digital playground, it will be possible to play video games, compose music, and interact with other virtual artists. Listeners and artists from all over can visit this “paradise of sound” to discover new sounds, quests, and merchandise.

Spotify Island

Players can collect “Like” icons in the shape of a heart and purchase virtual merchandise of their favourite music artists on Spotify Island, which has a predominantly green landscape. It bears the Spotify logo. The exclusive virtual merchandise, according to the music streaming platform, will allow artists to connect with their fans and generate revenue. The artists will receive a portion of each sale’s proceeds.

Players will be able to portal away from the main island to visit other islands “that will come to life throughout the year.” According to Spotify, “These destinations will be filled with exclusive content, artist interactions, and themed mini-quests designed for superfans and curious explorers alike.”

In addition, Spotify has revealed that this “audio oasis” is filled with virtual Easter eggs that provide players with various benefits. Soundtrap enables these musicians to utilise the beat-making stations on Spotify. It is a digital audio workstation owned by Spotify that enables users to collaborate on projects remotely.

K-Park, a tribute to all things K-Pop, will be the first themed experience that fans can anticipate on Spotify Island, according to an announcement by Spotify. K-Park will give fans the opportunity to interact with Stray Kids and SUNMI in the spring of this year.