Roblox developers declare that their product has nothing to do with games.

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Because of this legal battle between Apple and Epic, Roblox is calling itself an experience creation tool to get the game out of the play in order to do the world justice of Epic.

A Roblox spokesperson, who happens to be a science fiction fan, dismissed that term as “just a new with respect for our words reflecting the metaverse,  The Verge states.

Roblox is an online community of people where they can experience more in 3D together in the form of an alternate reality together, and we began referring to these worlds as immersive environments where they have fun with friends in.

Roblox developers declare that their product has nothing to do with games.
Image credit Roblox

There used to be an option to play Roblox games under the games tab, but they have moved to the ‘discover’ tab are called Robloxing game experiences. Every word having game has been deleted, with the exception of the Roblox Games page on and the Discover URL, which remains:

Roblox CEO David Baszucki has previously called Roblox a “experience” and has claimed it is a metaverse. The revelation on their website may be due to the lawsuit between the studio behind “Epic Game” and Apple, which challenges the meaning of a video game.

Roblox developers declare that their product has nothing to do with games.
Image Credits: Roblox

As a result, Epic claims that they don’t want the courts to call Fortnite a game, because it could be a test of the Apple App Store’s policy instead. They want to define the word “game” in their policy in order to avoid applying their policy to the game (which is bad for Roblox).

Epic does not want the Courts to refer to Fortnite as a game, as that would relegate the case to Apple’s App Store games policy, rather than their general app policy.
Apple wishes to refer to Fortnite as a game, but (charitably) does not wish to refer to Roblox as a game, as that would require them to apply their games policy to it (which is bad for Roblox).

The players are doing battle in the metaverse for supremacy, it seems. By way of argument, Apple claimed that “An epicly imaginative business venture takes a look at the possibility that Apple will not exist in its current form. We are putting our fate in the hands of this court and saying the world we would rather live in a more ethical and just society than the one we do today. Well, it’s not.”

With the exception of a few small titles like Pac-Man and Minecraft, Apple’s head of marketing, Trystan Kosmynka, told Epic’s lawyer that “games are incredibly dynamic, games have a beginning, an end, there’s challenges in place.” Wait a minute, I spoke too soon: “”I compare the experiences in Roblox to the experiences in Minecraft,” he continued. These are diagrams. These are different worlds.” So, no, Minecraft isn’t a game.

Roblox labels itself as a game and doesn’t see it as such in the App Store. However, Apple is calling Roblox and Minecraft “entertainment software”.

It’s only serving to make the App Store debate more complicated with Roblox’s complex step. To be offered as separate apps, a service like Google Stadia must contain every game. He doesn’t have to get into all that. However, if Stadia were to only provide the creation of a few services (rather than just games), would it be considered an experience, thereby qualifying for the equivalent exemption from the Apple’s policies?

No matter what Apple does, you will always find others with a similar features, and offerings in the same market. That does not mean the Epic win this case, it will affect other apps that provide any type of service.

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