Roblox back online after 3 days of outage

Roblox back online after 3 days of outage

According to the Robolox, there was no connection between Chipotle and Roblox’s three-day outage. The Roblox platform was unavailable to 200 million users globally on October 28 at 4 p.m. PST, including two-thirds of all US children, following a server outage. Earlier on Sunday, the business tweeted that it was trying to resolve the issue and had discovered “the fundamental cause of internal system issue.”

In-game Chipotle promotion that attracted an inordinate number of players, according to several players, was to blame for the glitch. Players had to navigate a maze to acquire real ingredients while avoiding monsters and traps as part of the Chipotle Boorito Maze promotion, in which free avatar goods were given out as part of the contest. A complimentary burrito worth $1 million will be awarded to players who dress in “a Chipotle-inspired costume,” as determined by the tournament’s hosts.

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Although the Chipotle campaign began soon before the outage began, Roblox emphasized that it had nothing to do with any specific experiences or relationships on the platform. After the outage was officially declared over at 4.45 pm PST on October 31st, some gamers were able to reconnect as of 12.50 PST.

The platform was not brought to a standstill as a result of “external intrusion,” ruling out the possibility of hackers, ransomware, and other cyber-threats. David Baszucki, the CEO and founder of Roblox, provided an explanation. ” “One of our infrastructure’s key systems became overloaded as a result of a small error in our backend service communications when under heavy stress. So it wasn’t due to a surge in outside traffic or a singularly memorable experience that the increase occurred. There has been a failure as the number of datacenters has increased. In the aftermath of this, Roblox’s services suffered from an inability to properly communicate and deploy.”