Rise Of Kingdoms Account Management Guide

Rise Of Kingdoms Account Management Guide

Not sure how to restart your RoK game, alter your name, or start a new civilization. Take a look at the Rise Of Kingdoms Account Management Guide.

In this article, we’ll show you how to manage your Rise of Kingdoms account, which will let you do things like change your name, icon, create a new character, reset your game, and even alter the Kingdom or country you chose when you first started playing. Therefore, let’s launch into action.

Changing Countries or Kingdoms?

Before entering the city for the first time, the player must make a choice between different civilisations or countries. For the first time ever, it would not cost anything.

However, if you reach level 20 or above and decide you want to switch your starting country or civilization, you’ll need to shell out 10,000 gems to do so.

First, let’s get some background on the ancient cultures: –
Depending on the nation you choose, you will gain a unique buff. If you select China, for instance, your troops’ defence will increase by 2%, production will speed up by 10%, and construction will speed up by 2%.

In the Rise Of Kingdoms game, you get to choose a nation from a list of 8. Listed below are:

  • Rome
  • Germany
  • Britain
  • France
  • Spain
  • China
  • Japan

Following these steps is how you can alter a culture or nation

Rise Of Kingdoms Account Management Guide 1
  • To access the city, the main hub of the game, tap the avatar in the top left corner.
  • You can modify the governor’s avatar, name, and civilisation on the next screen.
  • You can switch cultures by tapping the current country’s name and then, on the next screen, choosing the desired nation.

The price is steep at 10,000 gems as said before.

Don’t want to spend $10,000 or don’t have 10,000 gems?

The following is the free and easy way to alter the culture in Rise of Kingdoms

Since the game already includes the free Kingdom feature, there’s no need to reset it or link a new account.

  • Start by accessing your account settings (by tapping your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen),
  • Then selecting settings, then character management, then adding a new character, and finally selecting a server and a kingdom. After that, we’ll have to go back to square one.
  • Simply choose that character from the character management screen to return to the previous save or continue playing using the previous save. Remember that there is a limit of two characters per server/kingdom.
  • New player characters kick off the game with a prompt to choose a country. Make a well-informed decision by checking out all the buffs this time around.
  • If you ask us, China is the best option. Although the decision ultimately rests with you.