Registration for Microsoft Inspire 2021 is now open

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When its dates were announced in February, Microsoft Inspire 2021 was set to open registration in June, and now the tech giant has met its original forecast.
Registration for Microsoft Inspire 2021 is now open until July 15, you can register for the virtual event.

Business partners are the main target of Inspire, so consumers shouldn’t be trying to figure out what’s happening in the middle of July when a massive edition of news drops. You can catch that sort of thing at Microsoft’s June 24 event when it announces Windows 11 (which might be the next generation of Windows).

But that doesn’t mean informative consumer-focused news never appears at Inspire. There were several new features there, such as Azure’s speech translation, and Inspire 2020 in particular had a good amount of Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Teams content to tide curious attendees over.

Inspire news will always be covered here on Utter Technology, but you can also register on Microsoft’s website link is provide below if you want to see the virtual event firsthand. Don’t forget to check out the blog post announcing that registration is open if you are a Microsoft partner.

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