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New items introduced in Risk of Rain 2 Survivors of the Void update

If you are curious to know what new items were included in Risk of Rain 2's Survivors of the void update ? Here is the list of Each of the new items included in Risk of Rain 2's Survivors of the Void update.

Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person survival roguelike shooter from Hopoo Games that sends players to diverse environments to face more difficult adversaries in the hopes of surviving to the end. By the time they accomplish their final goal, they will have accumulated a high number of things that increase their offensive, defensive, or mobility skills.

Survivors of the Void is the new DLC for the game that offers 40 new items. If you’re interested in figuring out what they are and what they do before you step back into the fight, we’ve got the whole list right here.

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Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void new items

The Survivors of the Void expansion added a new tier of items called Void. They are special in that they "corrupt" other objects in addition to their normal effects. Picking up a void item converts all stacks of its "uncorrupted" counterpart(s) into void items. Picking up a void object while holding its counterpart corrupts it as well. A void item cannot live with its uncorrupted equivalent in a single inventory.

When using Artifact of Command, all void items use both void and normal rarity. So does their rarity.

  1. Delicate Watch: Increases damage by 20 percent . Taking damage to below 25 percent breaks this item
  2. Bottled Chaos: Activating your Equipment causes an additional, random effect.
  3. Eulogy Zero: Items and equipment have a slight chance to convert into a Lunar item instead
  4. Mocha: Slightly improve attack speed and movement speed
  5. Goobo Jr.: Spawns a gummy clone that expires after 30 seconds
  6. Spare Drone Parts: Drones fire faster, have shorter cooldowns, shoot missiles, and get a bonus chaingun
  7. Shuriken: Activating your Primary skill also throws a shuriken
  8. Shipping Request Form: Get a delivery each stage that contains powerful things
  9. Power Elixir: Receive and instant heal at low health. Consumed on usage
  10. Ignition Tank: Your ignite effects deal 2x more damage and stay 2x as long
  11. Molotov (6-Pack): Throw 6 fiery molotovs that ignite foes upon shattering\s Trophy
  12. Hunter’s Tricorn: Execute a giant beast and get its trophy. Consumed on usage
  13. Light Flux Pauldron: Halve your cooldowns but halve your attack speed
  14. Roll of Pennies: Gain 3 gold by taking damage from an enemy
  15. Stone Flux Pauldron: Double your health but halve your movement speed
  16. Laser Scope: Critical Strikes deal an additional 100 percent damage
  17. Regenerating Scrap: Lets you 3D print an unusual item once every stage without consuming another item
  18. Symbiotic Scorpion: Permanently lower armor on hit
  19. Defense Nucleus: Summon an Alpha Construct on slaying an elite
  20. Egocentrism: Gain numerous orbiting bombs. Every minute, absorb another item into Egocentrism
  21. Ben’s Raincoat: Become immune too all debuffs. Increase maximum health by 100
  22. Executive Card: Gain 10 percent cash back on all purchases. Multishops stay open
  23. Pocket ICBM: All missile items inflict greater damage and shoot an additional two missiles
  24. Oddly-shaped Opal: Reduces damage for the first time you are hit
  25. Hunter’s Harpoon: Killing an adversary gives you a burst of movement speed

Void Items

One of the greatest enhancements to Risk of Rain 2 in the Survivors of the Void DLC is the inclusion of Void Items. Picking up these objects not only creates a new impact, but they also affect prior items already in the player’s inventory, corrupting them and making them more potent usually.

  1. Encrusted Key: Gain access to an Encrusted Cache that contains a void item. This item corrupts all Rusted Keys
  2. Plasma Shrimp: While you have a shield, fire missiles on every hit. This item corrupts all AtG Missile Mk. 1s
  3. Voidsent Flame: Full health foes all detonate on hit. This item corrupts all Will-o’-the-wisps
  4. Needletick: Chance to collapse foes on hit. This item corrupts Tri-Tip Daggers
  5. Weeping Fungus: Heal when sprinting. This item corrupts all Bustling Fungi
  6. Lysate Cell: Adds a charge to your Special talent. This item corrupts all Fuel Cells
  7. Polyute: Chance to repeatedly strike a single adversary with lightning. This artifact corrupts all Ukuleles's
  8. Singularity Band: Powerful hits additionally launch a black hole that attracts opponents in. This item corrupts all Kjaro’s and Runald’s bands
  9. Benthic Bloom: Upgrades your items at the start of each stage. This item corrupts all 57 Leaf Clovers
  10. Tentabauble: Chace to root foes on hit. This item corrupts all Chonobaubles
  11. Lost Seer’s Lenses: Gain 5 percent chance to instantly kill a non-boss adversary. This item corrupts all Lens-Maker’s Glasses
  12. Pluripotent Larva: Return to life after death with brief invulnerability. This artifact corrupts all Dio’s Best Friends
  13. Newly Hatched Zoea: Periodically gather allies from the Void. This item corrupts all yellow items
  14. Safer Spaces: Block the next source of damage. This item corrupts Tougher Times