New Google Drive simplifies syncing desktop files

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Google noted in a recent blog post that the New Google Drive simplifies syncing desktop files. New desktop Drive software is expected to supersede both the Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync apps. Google is unveiling the new Drive app to improve file management for both home users and businesses. The new Drive app will integrate and replace the outgoing Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync apps.

Google further noted in blog post that the new Drive software is intended to be a unified client that enables users to share and sync their files quickly and effortlessly across all of their devices and on the cloud. For the last few years, residential users have relied on the Backup and Sync app for file syncing and uploading (which took the place of the former Drive app in 2017/2018), while businesses have relied on the Drive File Stream software to manage commercial storage needs.

Now, Google is attempting to streamline its storage solutions with the launch of the new Drive app, which will consolidate both its home and enterprise programs into a single piece of software with compatibility for both Windows PCs and Macs.

Google claims that the new Drive will incorporate all of the company’s previous solutions, including the ability to upload and sync photos and videos to Google Photos and/or Google Drive, sync external storage devices with cloud data, and mirror content between the cloud and local devices, making potentially important files faster and easier to access.

New Google Drive simplifies syncing desktop files
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Notably, it appears as though Google is hoping to quickly transition users from its older apps to the new Drive app, with Google announcing that it will begin surfacing alerts urging Backup and Sync users to switch to the Drive app “in the coming weeks,” with Google recommending a complete transition by September.

The new Drive app will now provide previously unavailable capability for shared folders in Google Drive in the Backup and Sync app. Additionally, Google Drive is believed to integrate with Google Meet and Microsoft Outlook via a scheduling feature.

After September, Google says Backup and Sync users will receive an email notifying them that they must move to the Drive app to continue syncing files, with the Backup and Sync app scheduled to cease operation on October 1.

While switching between apps is always an annoyance, with the new Drive app combining the capabilities of two programs into one, the move should be rather painless and may even help consumers free up some space on their taskbar and docks. Meanwhile, corporate customers can access more thorough information about the transition’s implications here.

Google said the transition to the new Drive app will begin next week, on July 19, and will continue throughout the summer with prompts and notifications issued to Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream customers.

Source: Google Blog

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