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New Focus mode in Zoom: How to Use Focus Mode in Zoom

In this article we will demonstrate How to Use Focus Mode in Zoom. Zoom updated its famous video conferencing product this week. Today, the app is rolling out a new "Focus" mode that is intended to keep students focused during online classes.

Due to the fact that online classes have become more than required throughout the world as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, audio and video calling apps are continually adding new features and enhancing their services to provide a better user experience. Zoom now offers a Focus mode that may be used by anyone but is especially useful for teachers.

The business first announced the functionality in a blog post earlier today. Once the host activates Focus mode, the other participants on the call will lose their ability to see each other. While the host will retain access to all participants' webcams, other participants will be uninhibited by their peers' live videos.

In the blog Zoom stated Focus Mode enables educators to view their students' videos and students to view their teachers without being able to watch the rest of the class. Teachers can watch their classes using this tool, but students will not be distracted by their classmates' video feeds or feel self-conscious about putting on their own camera.

The capability can be activated for accounts, groups, or even individual users, according to Zoom. Focus mode is accessed via the More button that appears during a call.

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How to Enable Zoom’s Focus mode for an Account | Group | User

  • Log in as an administrator(Account /Group) with the ability to alter account settings in the Zoom web portal.
  • For Account: Click Account Management then Account Settings in the navigation panel. Taking into consideration Account Management is located in the navigation panel.
  • For Group: Select User Management from the navigation menu, followed by Group Management. Select the appropriate group from the list.
  • For User: Click Settings in the navigation panel.
Open setting
  • Navigate to the Meetings tab.
  • To enable or disable Focus Mode, click the toggle next to In Meeting (Advanced) to Enable Zoom Focus mode.
Open meeting
  • Verify the modification by clicking Enable or Disable if a verification popup appears.
Toggle focus mode to turn on Zoom Focus mode
Toggle focus mode to enable Zoom Focus mode
  • [Optional] For the user and the group To make this setting required for all users in your Account / Group, click the lock icon and then confirm the setting by clicking Lock.

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How to Use Focus Mode in Zoom

Below is step by step process how to enable Focus Mode in Zoom.

  • Launch Zoom App
  • As the host or co-host, initiate a meeting.
  • On the meeting toolbar, click More.
Open meeting and click more to Use Focus Mode in Zoom
  • Start Focus Mode by clicking.
Start Focus Mode in Zoom meeting
  • PopUp will appear to confirm, click Start, or select the Don't ask me again check box to bypass this confirmation in the future.
Confirm Pop-up to enable focus mode
  • When Focus mode is activated, a banner along the top of the video window notifies you and the participants.
Banner shown in meeting header
  • Additionally, while focus mode is engaged, the focus mode icon is always visible in the top-left corner of the video window, near to the encryption icon.


In this article you have learned how to enable focus mode in Zoom. And how to use it in your meetings. It is a useful feature Hope you all like it.

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