New features on Telegram include animated backgrounds and group calls

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Telegram released a significant upgrade today for both mobile and desktop platforms that you should download immediately. Mobile users will enjoy a new backdrop animation feature that adds a lovely touch of customisation to chats, while all platforms will benefit from new video call features.


Telegram allows you to totally design or use pre-made animated chat backdrops for those animations. These animations might be pattern-based or just showcase the colours available in Telegram. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you may alter the colour schemes, add or remove colours, and then share your personalised layouts with Telegram friends.

Once you’ve established your backdrop, you can preview the animation in the editor, but your background will continue to animate and alter as you send messages. It’s a very impressive effect, and Telegram claims it’s the first of its kind in a chat service.

As an added animated bonus, when you add stickers or emoji, you’ll notice that the object “seamlessly” bounces from the keyboard area to your chat. It’s not a significant addition, but it does add a lovely bit of polish. Oh, and there are also new animated emoji.

Video for the Telegram Group

I’m hesitant to call Telegram’s video chats “group video calls” because they don’t operate in the same way as a typical video call. Rather than that, you must open one of those dreadful voice conversations that people have persuaded themselves to join and then turn on video. It’s quite strange and appears to be a step too far off from a straightforward video conference between numerous individuals. In either caseā€¦

Telegram’s latest upgrade allows you to easily turn on your video during voice chats, effectively creating video calls. To activate, you should see a video icon during voice chats.

Additionally, the update enables you to pin a video, share your screen during these video/voice chats, and benefit from enhanced noise reduction. Telegram has also enhanced the side panel and split-screen view for desktops and tablets.

The update is immediately available on all platforms.

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