The Nest Hub will be able to collect data from Fitbit and Google Fit devices

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Google is releasing minor upgrades that signal that its wearables strategy is well advanced. Nest Hub users will soon be able to see their activity data from their fitness trackers via an integration with Google Fit and Fitbit, according to a new Google support page.

Using the page‘s straightforward step-by-step instructions, users can connect their Fitbit or Google Fit accounts to the display using Google Assistant, as reported by 9to5Google. There is some confusion as to whether or not this applies to all Nest Hub screens or only the second-generation gadget.

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Last year, Google’s Soli sensor technology was used by the latter to detect users’ sleep patterns. Despite its flaws, we found the functionality to be useful and trustworthy during our testing.

Despite the fact that this new integration may appear to be a minor one, it is another indication that Google is laying the groundwork for a Pixel Watch. Google’s wristwatch is believed to feature some sort of Fitbit connectivity, which has been hinted to in recent leaks. It would be the first genuine Fitbit integration on Wear OS since Google bought the company.

Google has also made it clear that it is placing a high value on ambient computing. Another example of Google devices talking to one other is the new flagship wearable and the Nest Hub displays. If you’ll pardon the pun, here’s an incentive to purchase into the Made by Google environment. For the past few years,

Google has been playing catchup in wearables and consumer health, with 2022 looking like the year it finally takes a major move ahead. This year, Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference, we should expect to see some sort of announcement about the Pixel Watch. Even if we don’t learn much from this update, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise if more are released in the following weeks and months.