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Must Have Android Apps

In this article we will be discussing some of  Must Have Android Apps. Whether you recently migrated to Android or  an Android enthusiast. Out of million of Android App we will go through some great Android apps to get you started. There are tons of Apps to choose from so we will be some new Must Have Android Apps.

Must Have Android Apps
  • AdGuard - Global adblocker and much more
  • YouTube
  • Google Opinion Rewards - Answer surveys for Google Play credit
  • Signal - Better version of WhatsApp and no privacy issues with Facebook
  • Spark Email - Email Client
  • Spotify Premium - Music
  • Todoist - To do list with sync. Using this with my partner for groceries and planning.
  • Discord - Social/Community Teams/Skype alternative.
  • Bitwarden - Password Manager
  • Magic Earth - free navigation app based on OpenStreetMap
  • Inoreader - rss reader
  • Solid Explorer -- file manager you will love.
  • Bring -- grocery list manager (you can sync it with assistant and alexa)
  • F-Droid - FOSS Android App store for many useful apps that respect privacy and user control
  • Netguard
  • OpenCamera
  • Firefox
  • Pocket Cast

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