How do I modify my date of birth in the Zoom ?

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If you want to modify my date of birth in the Zoom then read this article. Zoom has grown to be one of the most common video conferencing software applications. It allows you to communicate remotely with coworkers when face-to-face meetings are not feasible, and it has proven extremely effective for social events, schools, colleges & family events as well.

Zoom is a critical tool for small, medium, and large teams who want to stay connected and continue their regular workflows with minimal disruption – as well as a firm favorite among individuals, especially during holidays such as Thanksgiving in the United States and Christmas worldwide.

How do I modify my date of birth in the Zoom ?
Zoom asks for date of birth when you sign up

Why Zoom asks for Date of birth during sign up?

If you are not using the platform for educational purposes, bear in mind that the platform has a 16-year-old age restriction in place for security reasons.
In other words, if you are under the age of 16 and have already entered your date of birth confirming your age, Zoom will recall the piece of information and will prevent you from signing up.

How do I modify my date of birth in the Zoom?

To circumvent above limitation of signup you have entered wrong date of birth during signup. And now you want to change it to your original Date of Birth. Don’t  worry, because as per Zoom they ask for date of birth for verification purpose and they don’t store it anywhere in there system. So you are good to ignore it.

What if Zoom prompts “You are not eligible to sign up for Zoom at this time”

How do I modify my date of birth in the Zoom ?
Error when you enter age which implies that you are less than 16 year

But if you accidentally put wrong date of birth information during Sign-Up. And now Zoom is not letting you sign up. And you are getting error “You are not eligible to sign up for Zoom at this time”. You can try following methods to Sign Up.

  • Try Doing Signing up from another device or browser.
  • You can try Sign-up using incognito mode.
  • You can clear cache and cookies and try signing up again.
  • Getting error due to some genuine reason. Disable any extensions you are using. Certain browser extensions, especially adblockers, can cause Zoom’s website scripts to malfunction, preventing you from completing the signup process.
  • You can contact zoom support  if error is not because of 16 year limit.

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