Microsoft is removing these features from Windows 11

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When Windows 11 is released, Microsoft is removing these features from Windows 11. Microsoft wants to assist you in adjusting to the upcoming changes. As Microsoft puts it, upgrading to Windows 11 entails numerous “feature deprecation and removals.”

What you may anticipate in terms of modifications and removals:

  • Cortana will be removed from the first boot experience and will no longer be pinned to the taskbar.
  • When linked in with a Microsoft account, desktop wallpaper cannot be transferred to or from a device.
  • Internet Explorer has been deactivated. Microsoft Edge is recommended as an alternative since it supports IE Mode, which may be useful in some circumstances.
  • Math Input Panel has been deactivated. Math Recognizer is a self-installing application that includes a math input control and a recognizer. This modification has no effect on math inking in apps like OneNote.
  • Quick Status and its accompanying options are deleted from the Lock-screen.
  • S Mode is currently available exclusively in the Home edition of Windows 11.
  • Snipping Tool is still available, however the Windows 10 version’s original design and functions have been replaced by those of the software formerly known as Snip & Sketch.

That is not the entire picture. Windows 11’s Start menu is also altering. What you can anticipate to see change in that department is as follows:

  • Apps with named groups and folders are no longer supported, and the layout is not resizable at the moment.
  • When upgrading from Windows 10, pinned applications and websites will not be migrated.
  • The Live Tiles feature has been deactivated.
  • Tablet Mode is also being phased out

Microsoft has published a list of changes to the Taskbar’s functionality.

  • The Taskbar icon for People has been removed.
  • Certain icons may vanish from the System Tray (systray) on upgraded devices, including those with previous modifications.
  • Only alignment to the bottom of the screen is permitted.
  • Apps can no longer alter the Taskbar’s sections.

That is not all! More items are departing.

  • The timeline has been deleted. Microsoft Edge offers some comparable functions.
  • On screens 18 inches and larger, Touch Keyboard will no longer dock and undock keyboard configurations.
  • The wallet has been gone.
  • Finally, 3D Viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Skype, and Paint 3D will not be pre-installed on new Windows 11 devices but will be available for download via the Microsoft Store.

That’s the same shop that’s getting a massive overhaul and Android apps, in case you missed it.

Microsoft has a lengthy document detailing everything Windows 11-related, including a list of removals and deprecations, as well as other useful information regarding the operating system. Alternatively, you can just read our coverage and receive a quick primer on the topic by visiting our comprehensive overview of Windows 11 announcements.

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