MemoryWeb is suing Apple over the Photos app.

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MemoryWeb is suing Apple over the ‘Places’ and ‘People’ technology in the Photos app. MemoryWeb, the maker of photo organising software, claims that Apple’s photo and support services violate patents on how a photo file is organised and interpreted based on properties such as location, individuals tagged, and other identities.

The suit was filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas. It alleges that the Apple Photos apps on both macOS and iOS allow people to organize, view, and preserve files with all the details of the memory captured and connected through an interactive interface.

The advent of more than one cell phone boomed personal digital photography. Users can generally have plenty of photos on their device, which makes cataloguing and sorting difficult. Patents known as U.S. Patents 9,552,734, 10,423,748,10,621,222 and 11,017,020 are asserted in suit. The way images are organised by tags and additional information. By 2020, three patents were granted.

The system that organizes a photo collection using a variety of intuitive views was patented by the founders of MemoryWeb. A location view displays photos on an interactive map, while a multiple location application view arranges photos in a grid. A grid view can also be used to display photos with a specific person.

It is unclear whether any of the products use the same technology. Apple introduced location-based browsing in both Mac OS X and iOS, but the tech behemoth cited MemoryWeb patent application publications in the prosecution of its own photo management intellectual property.

According to the suit, Apple’s Photos app has the same features. Both MacOS and iOS allow users to search for and enter maps based on their location. In order to create the iOS 7 version of the app, the crude interactive map view is borrowed from Mac’s iBooth app. Users can now search by face using machine vision-powered automatic facial recognition technology.

Source: MemoryWeb vs Apple

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