Beware! macOS Monterey reported bricked some old Macs

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Certain older Macs have been reported to be bricked following the installation of macOS Monterey. According to a number of reports on social media and online forums, the current version of macOS, macOS Monterey, has bricked older Mac devices, rendering them unusable and unable to even power on, according to the latest version of macOS, released last week.

If this seems suspiciously familiar, it’s because similar claims about macOS Big Sur bricking older MacBook Pro devices surfaced last year, around the time of the operating system’s introduction. Less than a year later, it appears as though the same issues have resurfaced.

Apple Support Communities have users reporting that their Mac went completely black during the macOS Monterey update process and they are unable to turn it back on. One post in particular features a number of comments from others who are also having similar issues. There are also numerous reports on Twitter.

Consumers may need to revive or restore the firmware on their Macs, which is a viable remedy, as indicated in Apple Support Communities. According to Apple’s support site, “under extremely rare circumstances, such as a power failure during a macOS update or upgrade, a Mac may become unresponsive, and the firmware must be resuscitate or restored.”

According to all customer reports, the issue is isolated to older MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac models. More modern devices, such as Apple’s silicon-based Macs, do not appear to be having issues, at least not based on the dearth of user reports.

While the issue with macOS Monterey bricking Mac systems is not as pervasive as the issue of macOS Big Sur bricking Mac systems last year, there are enough reports of issues with the upgrade to raise some concerns. Perhaps as a result of this article, additional users will come forward to share their personal stories about how the latest version of macOS Monterey created issues on their PCs.

Despite Apple’s aggressive testing of macOS 12.1, the operating system is not likely to be released for several weeks. macOS Monterey is still in its first release, and it’s generally a good idea to wait until multiple upgrades have been released before upgrading from a previous generation of the operating system. Alternatively, a smaller dot-update may be made available to address bugs and security issues.

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