Bloodborne PSX Demake Cheats

List of Bloodborne PSX Demake Cheats and Instructions on How to Use Them

Bloodborne PSX demake, a fan-made game produced by LWMedia, has cheats. You can never have too much fun with demake games, which can be really interesting. Even better is a demake game that allows for cheats to be used in the game. Finally, this game allows for a wide range of cheats that can enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s have a look at the cheats list for the PSX demake of Bloodborne and how to use them in this tutorial.

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List of Bloodborne PSX Cheats

  • YESYOUCAN: This turns on the pet dog mode.
  • SPLATSILVER: This button turns on the paintball mode.
  • CONVOLUTED: You can change time with the right stick by using this cheat.
  • ICHANGEDMYMINDTO + [text] – You can change your name by using this cheat.
  • TOPHEAVY – Turns on the big head mode.
  • WHATIFITWAS + [text]: You can change the text that says “you died.”
  • SOCKEM: Use this cheat to give the unarmed a small amount of damage.

How to Use Bloodborne PSX Cheats

Bloodborne PSX demake can be run on a PC.

Bloodborne PSX
List of Bloodborne PSX Demake Cheats and Instructions on How to Use Them 1
  • To access the menu, press Esc or Q on your keyboard or Start on your controller.
  • Here, navigate the menu using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the D-pad.
  • To open the Settings menu, press Enter or the Start button.
  • The third option here is Cheats; click it to access it.
  • Enter the cheats provided above.
  • After entering the cheat, click the bottom-right button with the icon of two right arrows.

It’s possible to utilise the cheats if you follow the instructions outlined above and accurately type in the cheats.

That’s all there is to this cheat guide for Bloodborne PSX demake. If you haven’t played Bloodborne yet, but would like to, see our tutorial on how to play the PSX demake on PC. There are cheats for many additional games available in our Console Commands List area as well.