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Mastering Last Shelter: Survival Heroes – The Ultimate Level Up and Fragment Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on leveling up and collecting fragments for your heroes in the popular strategy game, Last Shelter: Survival. Follow this guide to become an expert in managing your heroes and rising above the competition.

Understanding Hero Classes and Development

Last Shelter: Survival features a wide range of heroes, each belonging to one of three classes:

  1. S-Class Heroes
  2. Orange Heroes
  3. Purple Heroes

These classes indicate the overall strength, skills, and abilities of a hero. S-Class heroes are the most powerful, followed by Orange and Purple heroes. To build a strong team, it's essential to have heroes from various classes for different situations.

S-Class Heroes

S-Class heroes are the game's elite characters, boasting superior stats and unique abilities. Players can obtain them through various in-game events and purchases. Some popular S-Class heroes include:

  • Death Rider
  • Huntress
  • Captain S

Orange Heroes

Orange heroes are slightly less powerful than S-Class heroes but still have valuable abilities. Players can acquire Orange heroes from various game modes, including Clash of Zones and Token Shops. Some notable Orange heroes are:

  • Destroya
  • Arsenal
  • Dawn Guardian

Purple Heroes

Purple heroes are the least powerful of the three classes but can still be useful when starting. They're commonly found in recruitment and events. Examples of Purple heroes are:

  • Patriot
  • Shoota Man
  • Iron Guard

Leveling Up Heroes: Strategies and Tips

To level up heroes in Last Shelter: Survival, players need to use Wisdom Medals and Hero EXP items. Here are some tips to effectively level up your heroes:

  1. Prioritize S-Class and Orange heroes, as they offer the most significant benefits.
  2. Conserve your resources by not leveling up all your heroes; focus on your primary team.
  3. Use Hero EXP items wisely. Allocate them to your most potent heroes to maximize their impact.
  4. Participate in daily events and challenges to acquire more Wisdom Medals and Hero EXP items.

Hero Fragments: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

Hero fragments are essential in Last Shelter: Survival, as they're used to unlock and awaken heroes. Here's how to find and use hero fragments:

Acquiring Hero Fragments

  1. Token Shop: Purchase hero fragments using tokens earned from the Clash of Zones event.
  2. Recruitment: Obtain hero fragments from Super Recruitment and Advanced Recruitment.
  3. Seasonal Events: Participate in seasonal events to win hero fragments as rewards.

Using Hero Fragments

  1. Unlocking Heroes: Collect the required number of fragments to unlock a new hero.
  2. Awakening Heroes: Use fragments to awaken heroes and improve their abilities.

Optimizing Hero Skills and Abilities

Maximizing the potential of your heroes involves enhancing their skills and abilities. Here are some tips to optimize your heroes:

  1. Focus on leveling up the active skill of your primary heroes, as it has the most significant impact on battles.
  2. Enhance passive skills for heroes with supportive roles, like healing or buffing.
graph TD A[Hero Selection] --> B[Skill Analysis] B --> C[Resource Allocation] C --> D[Active Skill Upgrade] C --> E[Passive Skill Upgrade] D --> F[Optimize Battle Strategy] E --> F
  1. Experiment with hero combinations to find the most effective team compositions for various game modes.


Q: How can I obtain more Wisdom Medals for leveling up my heroes?

A: You can acquire Wisdom Medals by participating in daily events, challenges, and the Clash of Zones. Additionally, you can purchase them in the in-game store using real money.

Q: How do I unlock S-Class heroes in Last Shelter: Survival?

A: S-Class heroes can be unlocked through special in-game events and purchases. Keep an eye on the events tab and the in-game store for opportunities to acquire S-Class heroes.

Q: Is it worth leveling up Purple heroes?

A: While Purple heroes are the weakest class, they can still be helpful when starting. However, as you progress in the game, prioritize leveling up your S-Class and Orange heroes for better performance in battles and events.

Q: Can I transfer my hero’s level to another hero?

A: No, you cannot transfer a hero's level to another hero. You must level up each hero individually using Wisdom Medals and Hero EXP items.


Mastering hero leveling and fragment management in Last Shelter: Survival is crucial for success. By following this guide, you can optimize your heroes, strengthen your team, and dominate the competition. Remember to focus on your primary heroes, participate in events, and experiment with different hero combinations to find the most effective strategies. With the right approach, you'll soon become an expert in managing your heroes and reaping the rewards.

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