Is it possible to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?

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Zoom has risen to prominence as a major video conferencing software application during the previous year. It helps you to communicate online with coworkers when face-to-face meetings are not possible, and it has proven extremely beneficial for social occasions as well. There is no doubt Zoom is a critical tool for small, medium, and big teams that want to stay connected and continue their regular operations with minimal disturbance as well as a solid favorite among people, particularly during holidays such as Thanksgiving in the United States and Christmas worldwide.

You can find yourself in a situation where you must conduct two simultaneous Zoom calls with clients. Even if you choose to get rid of one to make room for the other, it’s not always an option. Discover below one approach to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently

Can you to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?

When it comes to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently several meetings or webinars, you are allowed to participate on several such events. This is perfect for support personnel who may need to monitor numerous sessions at once. Zoom allows generous use of the tool, but Zoom does not permit free users to run numerous meetings simultaneously.
It will prompt you to leave the meeting you’re presently in and join the one you selected. To participate in numerous meetings, you must have the Zoom Business or Education license on your school or college’s network.

How to enable Multiple Zoom Meeting in desktop.

In accordance with Zoom’s official documentation, it is feasible for users to participate in two different meetings at the concurrently. However, only Business or Education account users can access this function. While “free” users have been intentionally excluded.

Steps to enable Multiple Zoom Meeting in desktop.

  • In order to edit account settings, log in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator with the capability to update account settings.
  • Click Account Management then Account Settings in the navigation panel.
  • Navigate to the Meetings tab.
  • Verify that the option Join different meetings simultaneously on the desktop is enabled under the In Meeting (Basic) section.
  • To enable the setting if it is deactivated, click the toggle.
  • If a verification dialogue box appears, click Turn On to confirm the change has been made.
  • (Additional) To make this setting required for all users in your account, click the lock icon and then confirm the setting by clicking Lock.

If you are not able to find above options ask your system administrator to contact you. Launch the Zoom desktop app once you’ve confirmed the integration. Now, follow your usual procedure and join the meeting using the desktop client. You’ll have to enter the meeting ID of the call you want to join for the second method. You have successfully joined the meeting using the browser, and are now ready to attend two sessions of Zoom in tandem.

How to use your account to hold several meetings

Premium Enterprise, Business, and Education customers may host two meetings concurrently.
Although they cannot be present at two of them concurrently.

Once you’ve hosted a meeting, you must return to the main landing page and click on the ‘New Meeting’ option.

This would signal the start of a new meeting session.You may transfer host authority to another attendee and exit the meeting if you desire.

Similarly, you may join one conference via the desktop app and the other via your preferred browser, as you normally would. As long as the option to ‘Join different meetings simultaneously on the desktop’ is enabled, you should be ready to go.

How to concurrently participate in two Zoom calls if you have a free account

The premium users-only opportunity to host and join several meetings is exactly what we’ve seen in the preceding sections. This serves the purposes of most companies and institutions, but it may be a little disappointing for Zoom users who aren’t part of an institution. In the good news department, you are in luck. You have few workarounds that will suit you perfectly and help you to concurrently participate in two Zoom calls if you have a free account.

Join using 2 different accounts

Perhaps not convenient , but it can work for persons with several email ids. All you need to do is create various accounts and connect them from different devices from multiple accounts. Just go to and sign up for your email identification. To start the process, click ‘Sign Up It’s Free.’ You will not have to do any more things to join meetings, of course after you have registered. Since you don’t use a single account to attend conferences, you have no constraints.

Join using several devices

You cannot participate in more than one Meeting concurrently from one device for free account. However, if you have multiple devices, you can join two meetings concurrently using the same ID. That is, assuming I have the zoom app installed on both my laptop and phone, and only a single ID. I use the same ID to access into the zoom app on both devices and enter codes for separate meetings in each device. I can now attend two meetings concurrently.

Join using browser

Because Zoom does not require you to have a registered account in order to join a meeting, you can quickly paste the meeting link into the address bar of your browser and connect to the meeting participants.

After you paste the link, Zoom will try to direct you to your desktop client.

Is it possible to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?

Just cancel when the option appears, select ‘Join from your browser.’ Enter your name, complete the captcha, then click ‘Join’. Additionally, you might utilize this strategy to join more than two meetings.

Is it possible to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?

Simply open a new tab in incognito mode and join as many meetings as you like. The issue with join meeting on same device is that you can’t use camera in both browser and Desktop client at same time. Or 2 different tabs.

How to handle audio issue if joining 2 meeting from same device

Due to the fact that a computer lacks the capability to distinguish audio sources, it would just channel both meetings through your speakers or headphones. This means that attending two sessions concurrently from same device is pointless, as the outputs will be muddled.
However, if you have the luxury of prioritizing one over the other, there is a way to reduce the volume of one meeting while maintaining the integrity of the other.

Steps to prioritize the audio

  • Navigate to bottom right corner on you desktop
Is it possible to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?
  • Right click speaker and click open volume mixer
Is it possible to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?
  • Now you will be presented with option to increase decrease volume of particular application. Using this you can decrease or increase volume of meeting Zoom or browser as you wish.
Is it possible to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?

How to handle camera issue if joining 2 meeting from same device

Now comes another challenge show to your presence in both meetings with camera. As you know at a time camera can be active in one meeting in another meeting it will show error cannot start video

Is it possible to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?

So to overcome you need to have another webcam you need to update the camera setting in Zoom Meeting. Either press Alt+N or go on bottom left on the app and select the camera which is not used by browser. And you are good to go.

Is it possible to participate in two Zoom calls concurrently?

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