IoT with machine learning

Use of IoT with machine learning

Much of the attention in the IoT world is directed at software explosions in everyday devices, but another technological revolution is taking place. The cloud itself is changing from where data is collected and stored to where it is interpreted and understood by machine learning. Throughout the history of computing, the basic goal has been data processing. This involves carefully collecting, curating, and storing the data processed by the machine. This was achieved first on punched cards, then on tape and disk drives, and today in the cloud. We use analytical tools as if these tools did the analysis at all. In fact, they were just a tool to slice and dice the data and present it in a more sophisticated way. It is for some humans to understand it, in order to understand all the meanings.

IoMT transforming medical industry

How IoMT transforming medical industry

IoMT transforming medical industry in the future. IoMT is the internet of medical things and it can transform our future.