In iOS 15 Apple provides a new way to locate lost AirPods

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AirPods enthusiasts were not forgotten during Apple’s WWDC 2021 presentation. In iOS 15 Apple provides a new way to locate lost AirPods

Apple did not unveil a new version of its famous wireless earphones, but did unveil a few exciting new capabilities that will be included in the next iOS 15 release for iPhones.

The first is “Conversation Boost,” which can focus and amplify the voice of someone standing immediately in front of the user using a pair of AirPods Pro. This could be advantageous for persons with hearing impairments or anyone wishing to conduct a discussion in a crowded location. Users can now toggle Conversation Boost on and off, as well as change the left-right sound balance and noise cancellation levels, via a new menu.

AirPods enthusiasts were not forgotten during Apple's WWDC 2021 presentation.
Image Credits Apple

Additionally, AirPods now enable Find My Device. If you lose your AirPods, your iPhone will not only notify you through push notification, but it will also track their whereabouts. This is consistent with Apple’s recent obsession with “lost items,” given the company only debuted AirTags early this year.

Finally, spatial audio will be arriving to Mac and Apple TV devices. For instance, you’ll be able to connect a pair of AirPods Max and listen to content in three dimensions. This has been accessible on iOS for some time, and Apple Music recently included spatial audio albums.

Again, we may not hear anything regarding the next iteration of AirPods for some time. However, until then, these handy additional functions should suffice.

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