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How to use Twitter’s voice tweet auto-captions

In this article we will demonstrate How to use Twitter's voice tweet auto-captions. A few days ago, Twitter announced an automatic tweet title. Voice Tweets are a new feature which was published last year and which has been critical since people pointed out that Twitter is indifferent to making it accessible to all users. This function is hard to use, for example, for the visually impaired, hearing impaired. In order to overcome this error, Twitter has lately started automatically subtitling all voice tweets.

A voice tweet is published as a tweet with audio that can be played. As long as you are updating the profile picture, the current profile picture will remain as a still image in the audio attachment. Playing an audio file automatically minimizes the audio dock at the bottom of the screen so you can keep listening while you scroll through Twitter.

How to create voice tweet in iPhone

There are currently no voice tweets available for Android or the web, so users can only use it on iOS. Follow below steps to create voice tweet in iPhone

  • Open twitter App in iphone
  • Tap create new tweet in bottom right.
  • The voice tweet option will be available in the bottom left corner of the create tweet screen, as shown in the above figure.
  • On Tap above you will taken to Voice record screen Tap microphone symbol and record your voice tweet.
  • Tap done when complete.
  • You can preview audio tweets by tapping thumbnails.
  • Tap tweet.
  • You will automatically receive a caption when you record a voice tweet.

How to use Twitter’s voice tweet auto-captions in iOS 15

Captions are automatically generated only in some supported languages. As of now, English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonesian, Korean, and Italian are among the supported languages. Follow these steps to automatically caption your voice tweets:

  • Visit the web site to view the captions. There is a CC button in the right corner of the voice tweet window.
How to use Twitter's voice tweet auto-captions in iOS 15
  • Voice tweet thumbnails display the transcript of voice tweets.
How to use Twitter's voice tweet auto-captions in iOS 15

Note Only newly published tweets are automatically captioned by Twitter. Captions aren't available for older voice tweets.

How to listen to any voice tweet?

A voice Tweet will appear as an audio clip in users' feeds, enabling them to quickly access and hear it. In addition to showing the sharer's face in the background, the voice tweet will also confirm whether to open or click on the message. A play button will appear once you click it.

For now, only iOS users can use this feature, but other users are likely to enjoy the service soon.

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