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When and how to use In a Google Search I’m Feeling Lucky

  • When you press the I'm Feeling Lucky button on the Google toolbar, you are sent to the top search result without having to type anything else.
  • Google's I'm Feeling Lucky feature has changed, but it's still available when searching from Google's main page.
  • You may also apply a Chrome extension that combines I'm Feeling Lucky directly into your searches from the browser's address bar.

I'm Feeling Lucky was a whimsically named button that Google placed on the early Google search page to bring some flair to what was, at the time, a stark and straightforward search experience.

To go to the top search result for whatever you were looking for, just click it. It has evolved over the years, but you can still find a variation of it in the desktop version of browsers.

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I’m Feeling Lucky’s Origins

Back when Google was first founded, the search results page consisted of only a search box and two buttons to display search results. One of the buttons was labeled I'm Feeling Lucky, and its purpose was to transport you immediately to the first search result.

For a long time, pressing the I'm Feeling Lucky button would only provide the first result of any search you typed in.

To save time, you may be able to avoid having to scroll through a page full of results. Of course, the initial result might not contain what you were looking for, hence the rather tongue-in-cheek I'm Feeling Lucky title.

The growth of I’m Feeling Lucky, and how to utilize it now

Over the years, the I'm Feeling Lucky button has developed. While typing a query into the search box, results appeared as a drop-down menu. In 2010, Google released Google Instant. The I'm Feeling Lucky button became mostly unnecessary as a result of being able to click the top result without having to visit a separate results page.

In 2012, Google changed the way I'm Feeling Lucky worked; every time you hover the mouse over the button, the label changes to a whimsical expression (I'm Feeling Adventurous, I'm Feeling Puzzled, I'm Feeling Astronomical, and so on), which directs users to one of Google's many secondary services when clicked.

When you hover your cursor above I’m Feeling Lucky, it shows a click-through to a random Google service.

Even Nevertheless, the I'm Feeling Lucky button is still present and performs its intended purpose. When you start typing a question in the Google search box, two buttons appear at the bottom of the drop-down menu under the instant results: Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky. To get directly to the first result, click I'm Feeling Lucky.

Click out of the search box and then select I'm Feeling Lucky to write in your query.

Quick tip: The I'm Feeling Lucky is only available on a computer browser. In any mobile version of Google, you will not find it

Installing the I’m Feeling Lucky Chrome Extension

Several browser add-ons and software applications have sprung up to make the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button more widely available.

Perhaps the greatest is a browser extension for the Chrome web browser called I'm Feeling Lucky. To use this extension, first press the Backslash () key, and then the Tab key on your keyboard. If you look at the address bar, you'll notice the URL I'm Feeling Lucky. Now input a query and press Enter, and you will immediately get to that search result, the same as if you had opened Google, searched for that term, and then selected I'm Feeling Lucky.

  • Enter a \ and Tab to get the I’m Feeling Lucky plugin in the search bar.