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How to Use Filters and Stickers in FaceTime

  • While on a FaceTime conversation, you can customize the experience by tapping the camera feed.
  • There are over a dozen FaceTime filters, which may turn you black-and-white, make the video look like it's coming from an ancient camcorder, and more.
  • You can also turn yourself into a Memoji and blur your background.

Over the last few years, FaceTime has seen numerous significant enhancements. But if you're a fan of other video-calling applications like Zoom, the nicest of these changes is undoubtedly the launch of filters. The FaceTime software on your iPhone and iPad offers all sorts of filters and stickers that you can use to liven up your talks. Here's where to look.

You'll need to be running either at least iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPadOS 13 on your iPad to utilize filters. Any time in the last two years you've upgraded your gadget, you should be good to go.

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How to Use Filters and Stickers in FaceTime

When you make a FaceTime call, you get to see a glimpse of what your camera looks like in the bottom-right corner.

  • Tap this preview to make it bigger and display the filter options.
  • First, you can tap the symbol in the top-left corner of the preview to blur your background. You can't regulate how severe the blur is, but it's quite accurate when it comes to separating you from the background.
How to Use Filters and Stickers in FaceTime
  • Other filters can be accessed by tapping the star icon in the lower-left corner of the filter list window. This will open a toolbar that you may use to decide what kind of filter or sticker you want.Filters aren't available if you don't see this icon.
  • For those who have a "TrueDepth" camera on their iPhone or iPad, you can use the first icon to make a Memoji of yourself.
  • Open the Filters page by selecting the icon, which looks like three colored circles. There are roughly 20 different filters you may add on your movie, from Comic Book to Watercolor to Noir.
  • Touch on any filter to activate it, then tap Original at the start of the list to turn it off.
  • Tap the Aa icon to add text to your movie, and the red squiggle to add an animated "drawing" sticker.
  • The remainder of the options will differ depending on what apps you have loaded, but they all let you add more stickers to your video. To use a sticker, simply tap and drag it to the desired location.
  • Sticker collections vary greatly between apps.
  • You may alter the size of your stickers by pinching or spreading your fingers on them, exactly like you would do to zoom on a photo. Once you've applied a sticker, the only way to get rid of it is by either moving it off screen or reducing it so small that it can't be seen.