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How to Update Your MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware for Faster Charging

MagSafe Battery Pack users can now charge their iPhones faster thanks to a new firmware update from Apple. This post shows how to update it so that you can reap the benefits of better performance.

For the MagSafe Battery Pack, Apple has published a firmware update that allows for 7.5W charging on the go, up from its prior 5W restriction.

  • Check the current version of Magsafe Battery Pack Firmware version by going in setting app.
  • Update of Magsafe Battery Pack is done in 2 ways one is directly through iPhone by linking by iPhone this process takes time to get complete.
  • Second method is by attaching it to iPad / Mac by connecting Magsafe Battery Pack with them through USB-C. It is lot quicker and take 5 min to complete

Even while it can't match the 15W charging speed of wired MagSafe accessories, the improvement is at least similar to the fastest available standard Qi charging speeds on iPhone, thus it's well worth updating.. Here's how you do it.

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How to check MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware version

To begin, see what MagSafe Battery Pack firmware version you have installed.

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select General from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • MagSafe Battery Pack can be found under About.
  • At the bottom of the "MagSafe Battery Pack" section, you'll see the firmware version.

It is necessary to use software version 2.7.b.0 in order to charge at 7.5W. Here's what to do if you're running an older version of the firmware.

How to Update Your MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware

The MagSafe Battery Pack can be updated in two ways:.

  • If you link it to the back of your iPhone, it will automatically update, but this could take up to a week, according to Apple.
  • Second, a Lightning to USB-C cable connected to an iPad or Mac can be used to update the firmware of the MagSafe Battery Pack. With Wi-Fi enabled and the Mac or iPad connected, the firmware update will take about five minutes to finish. Once that's done, you'll be able to take advantage of the faster charging while on the go right away.

Which iPhone models work with the MagSafe Battery Pack?

Connect the MagSafe Battery Pack to the MagSafe connector on the back of your iPhone 12 to use it. Compatible iPhones with the MagSafe Battery Pack include the following:

The iPhone 12 mini.
The iPhone XS and XS Max
The iPhone 12 Plus
The iPhone 12 Pro Max
The iPhone 13 mini
The iPhone 13 pro and
The iPhone 13 pro max.

How much additional battery life will the MagSafe Battery Pack provide for your iPhone?

If you own a MagSafe Battery Pack, your iPhone's battery life will greatly improve. This, however, is model dependant. Apple promises that when used, the MagSafe Battery Pack will increase the battery life of the iPhone 12 small and iPhone 13 mini by 70%. You can save up to 60% on the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 Pro, depending on the model. Additionally, Apple promises that the iPhone 12 and 13 Pro Max would give up to 40% more battery life.


Now that you have updated the firmware on your Magsafe battery, you can make sure you are always charged and ready for action! We hope you enjoyed reading about how to make the most out of your Magsafe battery.