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How To Unblock a Phone Number in iPhone iOS 15

In this article we will discuss How To Unblock a Phone Number in iPhone iOS 15. If you do not wish to receive a call from someone, you can always block their number on your smartphone. However, what if you accidentally blocked the wrong number? Or what if your mind changed and you wanted to unblock someone?

How to Unblock a Phone Number After It Has Been Blocked

In either case, this article will demonstrate how to effortlessly remove a blocked number from the list.

How to Unblock a Phone Number on an iPhone in iOS15

iPhone users must take additional steps to unblock a certain number. However, these are also quite straightforward in iOS 15. Again, older versions of the operating system may have minor variations.

  • From your home screen, navigate to 'Settings.'
  • Scroll to the bottom and press on 'Phone.'
  • Locate and tap on the heading 'Blocked Contacts'
  • Choose 'Edit.'
  • Locate the number you wish to unblock.
  • Once you've located the number, tap the Minus icon immediately adjacent to it. This will unlock the number.
  • Bear in mind that you must press on Unblock to confirm your action.
  • After that, tap Done.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the past, blocking callers was exceedingly difficult, especially with flip phones. However, it is quite simple today. However, new technology raises new concerns. This section will address some of your further inquiries.

How will someone know if their phone number is blocked?

Of course, there is no blinking indicator to inform callers that they have been blocked. When the blocked user calls your phone number, they will typically receive a message informing them that the number they have contacted is not taking phone calls at the moment. Your phone number will eventually behave as if it has been disconnected.The only way for a caller to be certain you've blocked them is for them to call you from a different phone number.

Is it possible to block an entire area code?

Regrettably, no. The ability to block a whole area code is a much sought function that neither carriers nor manufacturers have implemented yet. Almost always, your spam calls will originate from the same area code that you use. This is a scammer's attempt to appear more legitimate.

However, some calls originate from obscure area codes. While it would be beneficial to block a complete area code, this is not currently possible. However, it is prudent to monitor Apple App Store for credible software that can assist in blocking these spam phone calls.

Is it possible for a blocked caller to leave me a voicemail?

Yes, but you will not be notified. By employing the methods outlined above, you are basically disabling alerts. This means the caller will be unable to reach you and your phone will just ignore their attempt to contact you. The caller will have the option of leaving a voicemail, which you will not be aware of until you check your phone's voicemail app.

How can I find out whether I’ve been called by a blocked number?

Occasionally, we block phone numbers but are unsure whether the caller attempted to contact us. If this is you, the only method to determine whether or not the user phoned is if they leave a voicemail. As previously stated, you will not be notified of the caller's voicemail, and hence must check your phone's voicemail application.

Will I still receive text messages if I ban a phone number from calling?

No. Not in the main text messaging application on your phone, at least. The other user can continue to communicate with you via other platforms such as WhatsApp or social media.

You must completely unblock the other person's texts if you wish to read them.

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